The importance of human development

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An in-depth report on human development was released recently by the United Nations It reveals that India has made notable progress since 1990 but it also brings to light that the country needs to do more for its people

It is important to have a good education but it is more important to develop yourself as a human being A good education will help you in life and give you the tools needed to be successful in life By developing yourself however you will be able to get through any obstacles and setbacks that may come your way You can overcome difficult circumstances by having strong personal values that drive your decisions and actions

Human development is a part of the process of human evolution and refers to psychological and social growth that helps people achieve their potentials as human beings The basis for this process is the attainment by all people without discrimination of the highest possible level of health in mind body and spirit Human development research emphasizes positive psychology – finding what works rather than what doesn’t work in promoting healthy and productive lives

The concept of human development is crucial to the promotion of human rights as it encourages people to think in terms of capabilities and opportunities rather than conventional notions of freedom For example a person may have legal and civil rights but not human development because he/she lacks access to education or health care Human development promotes equitable distribution of resources opportunities and capabilities within a society and encourages citizens to strive for self-improvement with their increased capabilities rather than striving against one another in competition for limited resources This can be achieved through targeted policies that provide services such as basic education primary health care water supply and sanitation systems especially in developing countries (Kulkarni & Saxena)

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