Some Facts about Butterflies

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1 year ago

1) Did you know that the wings of butterflies are transparent?

The wings of butterflies are actually transparent because their wings are covered with tiny scales. As they begin to age, these tiny scales fall off thereby leaving spots of transparency.

2) Did you know that butterflies are attracted to certain colours?

Butterflies are not attracted to all colours. There are colours that are more appealing to them.

Butterflies are attracted to colours like red, yellow, orange, pink and purple blossoms.

3) Did you know that butterflies don't live for long?

A butterfly can live for only a few weeks. Say two to four weeks. Some specie of butterflies can only live for a few days like the blue butterflies.

When they are alive, they use their energy to do majorly two things which are; to eat and to mate.

4) Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?

Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet and this helps them to find their plants and locate food.

When they land on the plant, they keep drumming on the leaves until the plant produces it's juice.

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