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A lot of people start blogging for money. While it is absolutely possible to make money as a blogger, blogging expectations may differ from reality. Blogging demands hard work to build traffic and revenue. Your blog needs to generate tens of thousands of daily traffic for you to earn decent income. It will take a long time to meet the traffic requirement for making money. For some people, it might never be possible. Blogging is not a short race, it is a marathon. If you want to blog, don’t just concentrate on money. Beyond monetary gains, blogging establishes online visibility and authority over time. Building authority will benefit you more than the money you can generate from your blog.

Niche Selection for Authority Blogging

You can become a successful blogger only when you have built an authority blog. Authority blog means a blog that publishes useful and interesting content on certain topic, thus making it to be a go-to platform to find information. Building an authority blog requires choosing a niche you're knowledgeable about. Select a niche based on your expertise. You need to have a deep understanding of the subject that you are blogging about. For example, if you are a gamer, you can build a gaming blog but if you do not play games, do not attempt this niche. Building authority in a niche requires strict adherence to publishing content within that specific topic. Expertise contributes to credibility and establishes your blog as a trusted source.

The primary goal of creating a blog is to build readership. Well, you might say, you are blogging for money. But even to make money from your blog you need to attract traffic. Traffic on your blog means your blog post readers. Therefore, building readership is the crucial step of  blogging. Different audiences require different content types. Tailor your content to specific demographics; for instance, a recipe blog for housewives interested in cooking or a gaming blog for those passionate about gaming. Understanding and catering to your target audience ensures effective readership building. You cannot attract all sorts of people in your blog, therefore, specify your market before you blog.

You need to choose a niche before you actually create a blog. That's because you need a niche specific domain to start blogging on your chosen domain. Therefore, when you are starting a blog, do some research, choose a niche, and register a domain with the keyword on your chosen niche. Your niche should depend on a couple of things such as your knowledge on the specific topic, competition in the blogging sphere, CPC rate for the topic, keywords competition, etc. You will become successful only when you choose a niche correctly

How to Maximize Your Blogging Income

Earning from a blog relies on a couple of things such as traffic, location of traffic, monetization method, conversion rates, and ad rates. If make money from your blog, you need traffic from location that gets better rates, you need to use higher paying ads, and you need to have high conversion on your blog. Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression are two common types of ads used on blogs and your earning vary based on location and ad niche. Higher rates are often seen with traffic from countries like the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. You also need to focus on topics with high CPC rates, such as insurance or finance, to boost your blog's revenue.

Profitable Blogging Idea: Information Technology

Information Technology is a popular niche. A lot of people are interested in learning IT, therefore, topics related to IT are very trending on search engines. You can benefit from this niche by creating a blog or vlog. You can even create a digital course on various topics related to Information Technology. If you are interested in blogging, and if you have knowledge and information on IT, you can try this niche. First of all, you need to build website management skills, secondly, you need to develop writing skills, thirdly, you need skills with SEO and digital marketing. if you are an expert in these areas you are good to go. However, before you sit and start writing, you need to do keyword research and find keywords that get huge traffic but do not have a lot of content on the internet. Your content should be unique and valuable for you to get traffic.

Blogging on Entertainment Niche

Entertainment niche is very popular, if you choose to blog on this niche, you will receive a lot of traffic because the topics on entertainment niches are always trending. For example, if you are blogging on entertainment niche and you publish a blog on House of the Dragon, a popular show running on HBO now, you are likely to receive a lot of traffic because the topic is tending on Google. You can continue writing on House of Dragons because this is just the first season and we can expect 3-4 more seasons. The topic will continue to be trending for many years. House of the Dragon is just an example, you can choose a variety of topics to blog.

Traffic comes easily on entertainment niche, however, entertainment niches are generally considered to have low CPC rate. Which means the ads on this niche might not pay you much. Here lies the importance of using affiliate marketing. You can sell related affiliate products.

Pros and Cons of Blogging on Health Niche

Health is one of the most popular niches on blogging sphere. From general health topics to niche based topics, bloggers are covering all sorts of health topics in their blogs. There are two reasons why health blog can be good: one, it is highly searched niche, two, it offers high ad rates for publishers.

However, there are also a lot of disadvantages, first and foremost, it is very saturated niche. You can overcome this challenge by finding a micro-niche, a smaller, less saturated topic where you can become an expert voice. This focused approach gives you higher ranking potential and attracts a dedicated audience interested in your specific corner of the health world.

Blogging on Finance Niche: Big Bucks, Big Competition

Adsense is one of the most used monetizing methods for blogs. If you check CPC rates for Google Ads for Advertisers, you will find that finance, business, and investment are goldmines, these topic gets high CPC rates. When advertisers pay high, publishers also earn high. Therefore, if you want to earn big, you need to blog on finance niche. However, you also need to understand the competitive. Since finance is high paying niche, you also have a high competition. You not only have to compete with big platforms like Investopedia, Business Insider and Forbes, but also a lot of other websites on this niche. To succeed, you need top-notch content and excellent SEO strategies to outrank the giants.

Building Sustainable Traffic on Your Blog

As a blogger, you might have noticed sometimes your traffic peaks, you need a large amount of traffic, and sometimes you don’t have any traffic. While having traffic spikes can be good not having traffic is very bad. Therefore, your blog needs sustainable traffic. Here are two thing to remember while building sustainable traffic.

High CPC Keywords: Your blog needs to be on topics that get maximum money form advertisers.

Evergreen content: Your blog need a large number of evergreen content even when you are blogging on news and current events. If you blog on recent events, your traffic dies when the even ends. However, when you have evergreen content, you will continue to receive traffic.

Social Media Marketing: Identify your target audience, build audience on your social channels and start promoting your content. For a lot of people social media marketing is all about sharing content. If you do not have audience who are genuinely interested in your niche, social media marketing does not work. Therefore you need to choose social media channels based on your target demography.

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