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Marketing 101: How to Market to Generate Sales and Traffic

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You Need a Marketing Team and Marketing Manager For Your Marketing Campaigns

In order to launch your marketing campaign, you need a designer to design a logo, flyers, posters, stickers, etc. The kind of promotional materials you have will determine whether you will be able to grab your customers’ attention or not. If your promotional materials are not attractive your marketing campaign will fail. So, how do you check if the designer is right for your marketing campaign? You need to check the following qualities:

Is very excited while talking about colors, shapes, fonts, and designs

Checks your proposed designs (logo, banner, etc.) thoroughly

Is very critical for every video commercial and print ads

Gets inspired by almost everything

Tries to pass judgment on everything around him

Will judge the menu for a long time (if you are in a restaurant)

Takes a long time to flip the magazine pages (if there is a magazine before him)

Gives you a rough idea of what kind of design he can make for you if he is hired

Gives you a basic idea about all promotional materials

Selling is not Enough, You Als Need After-Sale Support is Important to Ensure Customers’ Satisfaction

Customers’ satisfaction is very important because when your customers are satisfied...

They will do free word-of-mouth marketing

They will send you new customers

They will return to your store to buy again

They will review your store positively

When your customers are satisfied, you will never have a dearth of old and new customers. Therefore, you should be very careful about delivering high quality products and services. In order to find out whether your customers are satisfied with your products/services or not, you need to learn about your customers’ experience.

You need answers to the following questions:

Why did they choose your business and brand (or product and services)?

How do they rate their experience with your business and brand on a scale of 0-10?

How has your product or service helped them?

What does your product/service lack, and what improvements are needed?

What kind of product and service do they want to see in your business or brand?

You can connect with your customers through social media and email marketing. For instance, someone bought a product from you. You can ask the buyer to follow you on social sites and even leave his review. You can tell your buyer that by following you on social sites, the customers will get news about new offers, sales, and discounts. In order to make your customers continue following the page, you will have to share interesting content. Email marketing is also an interesting way to connect with your customers. You can send personalized emails to check what your buyer is doing and how he is doing with the product. Email is good after-sale support.

Why You Should Never Use Clickbait Tactics in Your Marketing Campaigns

Some marketers are so desperate to generate leads and sales that they resort to wrong tactics like clickbait. Some marketers do this on purpose, whereas some marketers think that doing clickbait marketing is not wrong as long as you are generating traffic and revenue.

If you are a serious marketer and if you want to remain in this field (digital marketing) for a long time, I will tell you why you should never do clickbait.

Clickbait is basically a digital marketing tactic where the marketer will try to trick consumers and common people by using a sensational title, controversial title, or fake and misleading information in order to lure people to click on the link. Marketers are trying to bait on fake or misleading information, hence clickbait (click + bait).

Marketers might be able to succeed in the first attempt because people love controversy and people are easily attracted to the sensational titles, however, in the long run, they will stop clicking the link shred by the marketer because they know it is fake. If the marketer does this, again and again, people will start flagging or reporting the link, and the marketer might be penalized by the platform where he/she is sharing clickbait content. For example, the marketer’s content might be blocked on Google and social media.

A lot of people are doing clickbait in order to get clicks on their posts and earn from their posts. You need to understand just one thing about clickbait. It will work in the beginning (for instance, I might click the title when I find it interesting) but in the long run, it will not work (I will not check the future posts, I can't take that risk). Avoid doing clickbait, this is bad.

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