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Djuvec food

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10 months ago

Hello, today I will share with you this wonderful recipe with an even better taste of food that will throw you off your feet if you try this food.


500g of pork

3-4 tomatoes

3-4 peppers

1 price of chopped garlic

1-2 heads of chopped onion

1-2 carrots

1-2 salts of water y to which the soup cube is stirred

a cup of rice

with, vegeta, pepper and allspice to taste

and chopped persun.


Cut the meat into cubes

sauté the meat over low heat until golden brown

cut the onion into slices, the carrot into rings and the paprika into cubes

chop the garlic

briefly soak the tomato in boiling water, carefully peel the tomato shrimp and cut it into rings, slices or cubes

Pour all the prepared ingredients and stewed meat into a djuvecar bowl

add rice, salt, pepper and add allspice to taste

Stir everything gently and then pour just enough water to soak the pot

sprinkle djuvec with chopped parsley and cover

bake the djuvec in the oven at 200c for about 60 to 90 minutes until the vegetables and meat become juicy and soft

15 minutes before the end, open the pan, remove the lid and let the dish bake in the oven


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Djuvec food I am making for lunch too.It tasty delicious.Thanks for your recipe.

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10 months ago

I love this dish! But I haven’t prepared it in a long time! So, thank you for the idea for one of the next lunches!

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10 months ago