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And a great friendship can be lost

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8 months ago

I need to share with everyone how a great friendship can disappear and fall into oblivion.

What I am going to write is about my best friend and me.

My best friend from childhood is called Sandra we are both 26 years old we have grown up together and we live house to house in our place.

Sandra and I grew up together we went to kindergarten together in school for 8 years and after that, some things changed in our friendship.

Sandra and I hung out from childhood until our 8th grade of elementary school, we were inseparable every day and sometimes even night.

We went through the puberty of first love first disappointments and everything else.

After finishing our primary school and graduation, we saw each other only twice a month. I enrolled in electrical engineering high school and Sandra enrolled in medical high school, and that's where the disagreements happened.

At the time of the school year, we started to hang out very poorly and see each other, we didn't even hear each other on the phone anymore, I was a little worried because only Sandra and I were inseparable in previous years, months, weeks and days.

On one occasion I met a friend on the bus and he told me that Sandra was a moose at school as she started using cigarettes and seeing various guys who are older than her and are very rude who use alcohol and soft drugs.

When I heard that, I immediately became very worried about my friend Sandra, since I know that she is not from that story. The next thing I did, I visited her parents and asked how Sandra was and where her school was going.

Her parents said everything was ok but they didn't know what their daughter was doing.

I went home, took the phone and called Sandra, of course, she didn't answer, and I started to worry a lot.

After 2 days Sandra invited me for coffee and juice with her I was surprised I went to her sat down she served me and we started talking, of course, she kept talking about how great she is at school how great she is she has good grades and so it is but he does not know that I know it is not so.

She started lying to me and I know everything and the whole truth.

We drank no coffee and she went to the bathroom to light a cigar thinking I wouldn't figure it out but I abruptly opened the bathroom door and she threw away the cigarette I told her about Sandra so you smoke what she said yes but don't say to my parents I was taken aback.

After that cigarette, she took some brandy from the school bag and wanted to serve me. The only thing I told Sandra was that she would lose everything in her life if she continued with these things.

I went home from Sandra angrily and I was sorry for all that because she was still a young woman in her first year of high school and she didn't need it.

After that, a month passed, I went to my school and I saw Sandra sitting in a car with 3 men, I went to school, but all day it was as if all my ships had sunk.

That day when I came home from school I went to Sandra's parents and I told them everything and her parents were in juice Sandra's mom started crying and just asked me if it was all true I confirmed everything and went home.

After that, I found out that Sandra was making love that day with 3 men in the car and that they were filming for a porn site I even watched that video and Sandra started to disgust me more and more.

It's been a month since my phone rang when Sandra called me to come to her to apologize for everything and to tell me something important.

I went to her, she apologized to me and told me that she was pregnant and that she would marry a boy who had a child in her car that day and she told me that I no longer needed to take care of her and that we would not hear or socialize.

I was shocked, but I said ok, if you think so, I left her and we haven't heard or seen each other for 5 years.

She didn't even call me when she had a child or when she got married, but that's how true friendship is lost.

Unfortunately, everything is as I wrote and as I write this, tears come to my eyes, but what is there is life is like that and life writes novels.

And I loved her like a sister.

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Written by   2
8 months ago
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