4 ways to love yourself

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"Love Yourself"

We have been hearing the above phrase since our childhood. Maybe some of us also tried to love ourselves and on the contrary some of us never tried to give some love to our own self unbeknownst to us as we continuosly do something which can hurt and tear us apart.

But don't worry, now you can love yourself before anyone else and you couldn't betray yourself unbeknownst to you if you realise the most common things which you need to shower yourself with selflove.

1. Don't compare Yourself

Often we make this common mistake again and again and belittle ourselves infront of others. Comparison steals the special things which we have inside of us . Comparison make us hate ourself and stop us from appreciating and accepting the flaws we carries inside us. We need to realise each and every human has some flaws and that is normal.

Don't hate yourself for what you don't have but start loving yourself for what you have and you will see your life is becoming more beautiful and more magical than ever. You need to understand that you can't measure your success, your potential by using someone else's ruler.

Whatever you do in your life just keep in mind ,don't waste your efforts, energy and time comparing yourself with others because there is nothing to be compared as each and everything has it's own beauty. Instead of comparing ourselves with others we can use that time to make ourselves better and better.

2. Take good care of your body

Everything is interconnected so the moment you start to take care of yourself that's the moment you start to shine.

Try to take good care of your body as your body is your home and it's only place you have to live. If you don't take care of your body then normally your body won't take care of you. You have to make good harmony with your body by taking good care of yourself in order to get what you want, a better version of yours.

3.Stand up for yourself

We think if we stand up for ourselves then people might think that we are argumentative,unkind, uncaring, selfish and rude , this is the reason we allow people to hurt ourselves no matter how many time it breaks our heart into pieces. But now, you have to choose between You and others before getting too late. Once you start standing up yourself the real selfish people will start to gaslight yourself to believe that nothing bad is happening to you, you are just overthinking but if you dare to unveil this imaginary curtain that people made for you you will start to feel the magical and beautiful things starts to happen too. Always try to stand up for yourself, for what you believe and dream even if it means standing alone.

4.Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself for all those unexpected and unwanted things that happened to you in your past. Each and every human beings makes mistakes and it is totally normal.

Forgive yourself for all the bad decisions you took. Forgive yourself for the times you lacked understanding. Forgive yourself for all the times you were not there for yourself when you need your own self the most. It's totally okay but one thing which is not okay is to make yourself guilty of your unchangeable past again and again.

Hope you all are fine and having a great time. Just wish, almighty may bless you'll with great health, wellness, prosperity, happiness and contentment.

Thank you soo much for all the supports you gave me.

Wishing all of you a great night.

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