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The Mysterious Kiyotaki Tunnel

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4 months ago

The mysterious and eerie kiyotaki tunnel is located in the town of saga kyo taki on the island of Honshu in Japan's Kyoto prefecture, in the Kansai region of the island of Honshu, and is 444 meters long, with the Japanese word for for sounding the same as the word for death.

All those who are superstitious or weak of heart should avoid this tunnel, which was built in the late 1920s by slave labor with the goal of enabling a railway line to be built connecting the town to Arashiyama City, which is nearby.

There were terrible working conditions and a dangerous atmosphere combined with frequent earthquakes that resulted in the deaths of many members the company's labor force.

Hundreds of construction workers died during the course of the project, and some were left to decay where they fell, while others were given simply a final resting place.

A short distance away from the tunnel, the railway line was eventually replaced with a road, and in the years since, there have been several reports of strange and terrifying happenings within the tunnel walls, including sightings of strange apparitions and even the ghosts of the deceased workers appearing in people's vehicles as they pass through the tunnel, and voices can be heard through an array of screens and mutterings emanating from within the darkness. The tunnel is located between the cities of Chicago and Detroit.

Others have reported feeling queasy as soon as they approach the tunnel; some attribute this to poor air quality caused by high exhaust gases, while others believe it is due to an unpleasant stench of death in the air that remains within the automobile for hours after it has passed through.

Several motorists claim that their car is buffeted by strong winds as they pass through the tunnel, and that when they exit, their car is covered in dirty handprints. There have also been reports of a terrifying woman in white who haunts the entrance to the tunnel at night, her featureless face crying chillingly at all who enter, and she has been known to cause fatal accidents by jumping into the path of oncoming traffic on the majority of occasions.

The Kiyotaki tunnel is rather safe to drive through; however, you must avoid glancing into your rearview mirror at all times; if you do, you will die a horrible death four days later as a result of seeing your own police officers peering back at you.

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4 months ago
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It was kind of funny in the end. Hopefully, I can go to Japan someday and see it.

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4 months ago