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You and Me.

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2 months ago

I may not get to show it every day

But my love still keeps going on

And though you are so far away

My feelings for you remain strong

I’m not the perfect one for you

And you’re not so perfect for me

But there’s something about us two

That keeps us united constantly

My life runs on what my heart feels

Your life runs on what the mind says

But something about us just appeals

And keeps us growing in many ways

We’re always thinking of each other

Which keeps us from feeling alone

And when we’re missing one another

We're constantly checking our phone

Somehow you and I have clicked

And became such a matching pair

Needing each other like an addict

We’ve become high beyond compare

What we have can’t be explained

For we don’t understand it as well

All we know what’s been contained

Is a friendship that continues to gel

There’s something about you and me

That’s different in a most special way

And every day it makes it easier to see

That our love will never just fade away

Copyright © 2020 MidnightWriter. All Rights Reserved

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Nice poem!

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1 month ago

Nice! This is my first time to see poets here, Welcome here MidnightWriter!

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2 months ago