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2 months ago
Topics: Poem

What rights do we have as humans anymore

When we allow the worldly forces to have control?

Can the world ever go back to how it was before

Or are we destined to stay trapped in this hole?

Governments of all nations dictate our own fate

And there’s nothing we could ever say or do.

The control we have given them is a mistake

Because no one should have power over me and you!!

Will we as human beings ever take a stand

And fight for what should be our own right

Or will we allow them to take us by the hand?

And make us believe we can’t win the fight.

Their power and greed has taken us by storm,

Unable to do anything without them aware

And we just sit and believe this is the norm,

Because we’ve become afraid to even dare.

We’re being controlled by our failure to try

As we’re brainwashed by our own human race

And the power we have given them, we can’t deny

For we see we have no control of the disgrace.

We have fallen victim by giving them the power

And the world will never again be the same

For as the clock ticks away hour by hour,

Our voice becomes just an unnoticed name!!

Copyright © 2020 MidnightWriter. All Rights Reserved

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