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2 months ago
Topics: Poem

How would it be to never try

Knowing love is before your eyes

But you are just to shy

To even try to say hi.

The fear of shyness creates a wall,

never being able to give our all

And all it took was a simple call

Or a few words to make it fall.

I write words I’m afraid to say

So they become heard anyway

And helps my shyness goes away

By sharing myself this way.

Don’t let fear destroy what’s right,

Allow your ink to spread its light,

For you’ll never lose the fight

When you choose to write.

By writing words you clearly see

The love for you that’s inside of me

and though my shyness will always be,

My words to you have set me free.

Copyright © 2020 MidnightWriter. All Rights Reserved

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