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1 year ago
Topics: Poem

We said we’d always be together,

Though distance kept us apart;

We couldn’t forget each other,

Nor the love within our heart.

But our lives had taken a twist

As I began drifting far away

And somehow we both missed

A love that was meant to stay.

I made plans to leave my home

And travel to be in her home town

So we wouldn’t have to be alone

But my plane had crashed down.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere

On an island somewhere at sea,

I felt a strong sense of despair

She would never get to see me.

Little did I know she was coming,

Not stopping until I was found;

For her heart continued on loving,

Guiding her homeward bound.

She showed up unexpectedly,

Wearing her Sunday best

And our hearts beat rapidly

as we embraced chest to chest.

After many years of being apart

We finally had found one another;

Allowing what we had to restart,

Knowing we were meant to be together.

Copyright © 2020 MidnightWriter. All Rights Reserved

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