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Rain Showers.

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2 months ago

She enjoys how the rain touches her skin,

A refreshing feeling that is felt deep within,

Knowing that her soul is completely free,

For no one controls who she wants to be.

She’s the type that only believes in a friendship,

Having no restraints that comes from a relationship,

But still has a heart that loves with desire,

For she is an empath that’s filled with fire.

The strength of her mind keeps her from breaking

As all of the mixed emotions causes aching,

That her skin carries from the pain of others,

For she has the ability to feel one another.

So dancing in the rain cleanses her soul,

Washing away the pain she can’t control

And the refreshing feeling makes her feel new,

Giving her strength from all she goes through.

Though she’s alone she’s happy as can be,

Enjoying every feeling that sets her free,

Creating a happiness that keeps her sane

As she bathes her soul in the pouring rain.

Copyright © 2020 MidnightWriter. All Rights Reserved

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