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Once In A Lifetime.

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1 year ago
Topics: Poem

Once in a lifetime is who you are,

Making me fall so deeply for you

As you radiate pure love from afar,

All my dreams are becoming true.

Never did I expect we’d fall in love,

Yet strong feelings began to start

And all the angels sang from above,

Filling an emptiness within my heart.

Together its become just you and me,

Creating a world like never before,

With the greatest love meant to be,

Fulfilling our hearts more and more.

Everyone around simply fades away

As our world becomes made for two

And as life guides us along the way

We create a bond from love so true.

No one else matters to us anymore

As we have completed one another,

Causing the angels to sing an encore,

Knowing our true love will last forever.

Once in a lifetime is who we are,

Making all our dreams come true

And our love is completely on par,

In this world made for me and you.

Copyright © 2021 MidnightWriter. All Rights Reserved

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Excelente! poema me gusta leer poemas desde niña me gusta este tipo de lectura pues llena nuestra mente de paz mental y relaja..

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1 year ago