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My Muse.

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2 months ago
Topics: Poem

She’s the reason for all my words

With every poem of love I write

And I want every word to be heard

So she knows that I’m her light

Her mind is always studying me

To understand what I’m all about

And her heart is always loving me

With a love that will never run out

There’s nothing perfect about us

We don’t always see eye to eye

For oftentimes I make her fuss

Always making it about only I

The connection between us two

Is a bond that will never be broken

And though I’d love to tell all of you,

Her name is too never be spoken

She’s the inspiration for my work

But she is also my best friend

And even on days, I’m a big jerk

She’s still with me to the very end

I would become lost without her

For life could never be the same

Even together, I’m still missing her

For she is the fuel to my flame

A soulful connection is what we are

Bonded as one within the universe,

together we’re completely on par

For she’s the muse in every verse

Copyright © 2020 MidnightWriter. All Rights Reserved

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If only she would see this. I hope she's on read cash. This is so romantic. Kudos to you I'd give this piece to my girlfriend.

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2 months ago