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A Poetic Speech

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1 year ago
Topics: Poem

I wish that I could show all of you

More then just these words I write

But being a poet is what I shall do,

So I can spread into you the light.

“Life will never have a perfect ending,

You must work to achieve your goal,

For if you always keep on pretending,

You’ll never get to be in full control.

Don’t just stand around and wait,

Hoping all your dreams come true

Because you can control your fate

If you can learn to believe in you.

Once you believe in who you are

All doubts you have will fade away

And you’ll shine brighter than a star

As you see yourself in a different way.

The fear you’ve had will disappear

And your light will shine upon you,

Allowing to see the world so clear

For you made the dream come true.”

A Poet is not who I have chose to be

As there’s much more of me to give

But words will always be a part of me

To help guide a path in which we live.

Copyright © 2021 MidnightWriter. All Rights Reserved

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