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A New Light.

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2 months ago
Topics: Poem

Darkness was once a friend of mine

But we don’t see eye to eye no more

For a light within me now does shine

And I won’t go back to as I was before.

Many dark nights I have sat alone

Wondering what life was all about,

Searching for answers on my phone,

Leaving me filled in complete doubt.

Thinking darkness would be my end

I began to give up on my own life,

But then it happened, I found a friend

And became relieved of all my strife.

This friend touched the depth of my soul,

Igniting a fire deep within my heart,

Causing new feelings to go out of control

As a love within me began to start.

The intensity of light burns bright

All from feelings she shared with me,

Creating a warmth, free from fright,

I now shine as bright as one can be.

Darkness used to be my best friend

But now I have found someone new

And no longer can my heart pretend

For I’m now shining with love for you.

Copyright © 2020 MidnightWriter. All Rights Reserved

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Such a good write

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1 month ago

I can relate to this poem, when you're setting alone in darkness then you saw a light, someones opened the door and take you way from that dark room. Nice one😊

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1 month ago

The more we think about the darkness, the more we let it in and the more it eats us up.

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2 months ago