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Why the Covid-19 Mortality Rate so far is Lower than Official Statistics Claim

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1 month ago

An often overlooked fact is that a large number of people are infected and get only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. This also means that they never request medical care and never enter the statistics. Some of them don't even know that they have had this specific infection or that they have been sick at all.

Since they are outside the statistics, it is impossible to say how many individuals we talk about; but if they could be counted, I'm sure it would increase the number of cases considerably. That would decrease the mortality rate similarly.


Let's say that we double the number of known cases of infection, but have the same number of dead as now - that would lower the mortality rate to half of the present.

If the number of cases is ten times higher than the official statistics claim, but the number of dead as claimed now, the mortality rate would fall to a 10th of what it is now in the official statistics.

To be fair, there can be a number of deaths by covid-19 that have been attributed to something else and also fall outside the official statistics, but they are probably relatively few. No doubt, the official mortality rate is considerably exaggerating the actual risk.

Official statistics lie!

I am not trying to trivialize the present pandemic; it is serious enough and infection is potentially deadly. But in the midst of this crisis, we still must try to keep our sense of proportion.

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very much important topic you discuss about today’s situation. I agree withou. You write very well . Good article.Thank you.

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1 day ago

I absolutely agree! And how many homeless people are brought into the general statistics of a pandemic after death ?! The numbers are too high, definitely!

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1 month ago
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