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The Mind of a Politician

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Topics: Politics, psychology

Only a very small mind takes undue interest in the private affairs of others. Politicians are no exception. These, the smallest of all humans, try to compensate their own human insignificance and their own absence of life with coercive actions against others, total strangers of whose values and needs they know nothing, and would not understand even if they knew them; people whose lives they force into a pattern where cog fits into cog, as in an oversized clockwork, designed by a megalomaniac engineer.

The one who pokes his nose into the business of others, does so because he has no business of his own into which he can poke it. Inferiority complex and envy are the only motive powers his inner void is capable of generating. He has to become a meddler and a parasite, in order to create for himself an illusion of importance; indeed, for this essentially worthless creature to justify its own very existence.

Such is the mind of a politician.

(Previously published in Meriondho Leo)

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