My Communities - Rules & Updates (May 2022)

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Topics: Communities is not static; it evolves. That, and experience of moderation at this platform for more than two years, justify updated and clarified community rules. Below you find rules applicable for all my presently active communities. This post suspends and replaces all previous presentations of rules.

A list of the communities follows after the rules.

You are welcome to submit articles, but please keep to the respective topics and follow the rules.


1. No off-topic material.

It is not uncommon that people submit their posts to any community whatsoever. For instance, it has happened that I have received articles about physics or personal life journeys to the community dedicated to Japanese culture and cultural history Such submissions are a waste of time, both yours and mine. Please make sure your topic matches the community definitions before submitting material.

2. Material must be in English.

If your English is not perfect, I will be tolerant about that to an extent, so you can practise and learn. Occasionally, however, I would give suggestions to corrections and improvements. If you don't pay attention to that, I might remove your article from the community again after some time. My goal is to have communities with high quality material.

But please note that articles in other languages than English will be rejected. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are bad, just that they don't suit into these communities.

3. Plagiarism is not tolerated. Controls are thorough and moderation is strict. If you are unsure about how copyright works, please read “What You Need to Know about Copyright “. Please also pay attention to the copyright status of any image you use.

4. Translated texts are not allowed unless you are the author of the original text yourself.

5. Quotes must be clearly marked as quotes by the use of citation marks (“) or quoting blocks. Quotes may be translated.

6. Minimum length of an article is 3 minutes estimated reading time. Articles being shorter than that will be rejected on the basis of being too short. Occasional exceptions can be made at the discretion of the moderator.

(The limit here was 4 minutes before, but I decided to change that because much submitted good material was between 3 and 4 minutes, and it would be a pity to reject all of it.)

7. Only full articles. Short posts are not accepted.

8. Edit your text before submission. Hundreds of articles have been rejected for careless editing. Learn to use punctuation, capitalise correctly, and divide your text in sentences and paragraphs. Think of the reader; the text must be easy to read and understand.

The Communities:

(This list will be used for reference and it will be updated when applicable.)

Japanese Art & Cultural History (7c1f)

Articles about Japanese Culture, Art, History and Folklore. Not contemporary travelling.

Numbers (7b6a)

Articles about Numerology, Number Magic, Number Games, Mathematics - generally, anything about Numbers, directly or indirectly.

The Mechanisms of Health (d52e)

Health and Medicine, but articles must explain something essential, not just list symptoms or properties of an organ. It should go a bit deeper into the subject. And no Covid-19. There is a special community for that (see below).

Covid-19 (8ee8)

Articles about Covid-19 and its consequences. Not local reports of spread etc. It is about Covid-19, not about specific countries and places.

The Power of Words (4be2)

Function of words, meaning of words, power of words, deception with words, history of words (Etymology)... anything about words, phrases and language.

Natural Science (1c4e)

This covers natural sciences except health and medicine. For example: Palaeontology, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, Physics, Astronomy, and so on...

History, Myths, Legends & Mysteries (be45)

The name says it.

Mind, Perception & Thought (c7a5)

Articles about philosophy, psychology, perception and all their borderlands. But it should be well thought and well written.

About Communities, Moderation and Combatting Plagiarism & Spam (ba97)

This is a community especially dedicated to moderators and communities as such. You can also post announcements about your community.

Previous, but Removed Communities:

Coffee (History, Culture, Science, Health) (3e1d) Community closed and Abandoned. The material can now be found in The Mechanisms of Health (d52e) and History, Myths, Legends & Mysteries (be45). Links above.

Evolution & Paleontology (a9f5) Community Closed and Abandoned. Paleontology, including Dinosaurs and evolution in general, are now included in Natural Science (1c4e). Link above.

For the Benefit of my Readers:

As an author I cover a large number of topics, so it is hard to find what I write about a specific subject here at For that reason, I have created a tool which might be useful: a continuously updated “Index over my Articles at Read-cash”, where I have listed a large number of subjects and in which articles you can find respective topics. Everything with links.

I suggest other authors to do the same, especially if their production here is diverse.

Copyright © 2022 Meleonymica/Mictorrani. All Rights Reserved.

You find all my writings on Read.Cash, sorted by topic, here.

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Topics: Communities


Articles in English are a must because everyone can read them and that is a good rule for community development.

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1 year ago

Yes, it is certainly the language most people here can read.

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1 year ago

Ok. Learned!

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1 year ago

Joined some of the communities. I believe this serves the purpose communities were introduced in the first place.

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1 year ago

Yes, that is how I, too, am seeing it. I don't think it has worked very well though.

There was a time when tried to base the whole concept on communities, for some reason that system was quickly abolished.

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1 year ago