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(This is the continuation of "Suicide is not Painless" although it can be read in its own right as well.)

From people just on the threshold of beginning a new life from a health point-of-view, I often get the question "It is so much I have to do, Where Should I Begin?"

This question illustrates two things. One is that it is impossible to begin applying everything at the same time. It is necessary to make a few adjustments to your habits at a time. Make two changes to the better, and get used to them before you go further. Then after a time make another couple of changes, and so on. Your body must be given time to adapt to your new ways and, above all, you must be mentally synchronised with your changes. It shouldn't feel too difficult.

The other thing it illustrates is how difficult it is to establish an exact hierarchy of priorities. What is the most important? What is next to the most important? The list goes on. There is no conclusive answer to that question, it depends on circumstances affecting the individual case.

I will list a number of important steps everyone can take to improve their health. They are not ordered by priority and they do not include extreme or advanced measures of the really serious health freak. This is for the average person who wants to do something but not dedicate his whole life to it, or as a first, preparatory stage for the serious student of life-extension. You can begin with any point and work your way through them in any order you feel is right for you.

1. If you smoke tobacco, stop it!

2. Avoid or minimise obesity. If you are fat, reduce your obesity.

3. Minimise the use of refined "white" products as white sugar, rice and flour.

4. Minimise your intake of alcohol.

5. Walk fast at least 30 minutes without interruption per day.

6. Stop drinking industrial (homogenised, pasteurised) milk and replace it with fermented milk (yoghurt, etc.).

7. Reduce or eliminate the use of mammal meat and fowl, replace it with fish and eggs. Or become a vegetarian.

8. Increase the ratio of living food in your diet (fresh fruits and vegetables).

9. Use only coconut fat for cooking. As a last resort olive oil, but not too much. [Most fats become very harmful by heating. That goes especially for all poly-unsaturated ones. It is also important not too get too much omega 6 fatty acids compared to omega 3 ones.]

10. Avoid hydrogenated fats.

11. Don't use aluminium pots for cooking. [Aluminium is an oxidant and it is the strongest indicator for Alzheimer's disease.]

12. Don't eat anything fat that has been stored in plastics, and nothing acidic that has been stored in aluminium. [Fat releases hormone-imitating substances from the plastics. Acid dissolves metal, in this case aluminium, and you ingest it.]

13. Reduce or eliminate the intake a fast food or processed food. Prepare your meals as often as possible from fresh and clean raw foodstuffs.

14. Use toothpaste containing fluoride and xylitol. [Prevents caries, tooth decay.]

15. Learn to stand on your head, totally upside down, and practise that a while every day. [Massages the body on the cellular level. Changes rest/activity distribution in organs, muscles, bones, vessels and valves.]

Begin with just a couple of minutes each time and increase the time gradually until you are able to keep the position for 30 minutes.

16. Incorporate as many different superfoods as possible in your regimen. Examples: brewer's yeast, sprouts, molasses, whey, garlic and onion, sesame seeds, turmeric, coffee, unground linseed (to be chewed).

17. Take suitable dietary supplements.

18. If you are male, eat tomato or rose-hip often, preferably every day. [Prevents prostate ailments, including prostate cancer.]

In addition to this, think of that, statistically, married people live longer than unmarried, and religious people live longer than unreligious.

(This article is based on material previously published in Meriondho Leo and in my e-book “Paradigms of Health”)

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