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Seeing with Spiritual Vision and Listening with Spiritual Hearing

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2 years ago

This is about seeing with spiritual vision and listening with spiritual hearing. Of course, one can hear with their physical ears and see with their physical eyes. In addition to this, it is possible to listen with your metaphorical third ear, and see with your metaphorical third eye. This is third eye optics, and third ear listening.

One can direct physical sights and sounds to spiritual oriented parts of our brains perhaps. The physical sights and sounds that we see and hear, respectively, can be reprocessed into spiritual sight and spiritual hearing. This is perhaps how Holy Spirit can be heard and seen. Holy Spirit communicates in symbols perhaps.

Numerology and sacred mathematics can perhaps be another way that we can utilize spiritual sight and spiritual vision.

Seeing with spiritual vision is a choice. Third eye optics are a choice. Listening with spiritual hearing is a choice.

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