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An Online Learning Wiki That Integrates Bitcoin Cash?

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2 years ago

Wikis are a sort of website that can function as a sort of social media. Wikipedia is the most popular wiki in existence. Wikis enable for the collaborative editing of documents and articles. Wikiversity is a sister-project to Wikipedia. Wikiversity is a wiki that is dedicated to learning, teaching, and research. Wikiversity does not allow for learning projects that can benefit one's own self financially. Wikiversity also has a culture that some feel is quite unwelcoming and unpleasant.

Many individuals go to brick and mortar universities to increase their income potential and financial resources in life, over the long term. If someone forked Wikiversity in a way that integrates Bitcoin Cash and allows for reasonable self promotion like Reddit does, then this can be a billion dollar business opportunity. This wiki should have an open culture that promotes bold thinking and cooperative collaboration. Resources on this learning wiki that integrates Bitcoin Cash can potentially be licence under Creative Commons, just like Wikipedia content.

On this wiki, advertisements could be enabled for those that do not pay a small amount of Bitcoin Cash to the site monthly. About 90% of the net profits from advertising and profits from those that pay to not ads could be distributed back to creators on the site as a reward quasi dividend or royalty. Self serve advertising on the site could accept Bitcoin Cash for payment.

Wikiversity runs on the same software that Wikipedia does, MediaWiki. Learning, teaching, and research play an important role in society. Wikis are wonderful tools for facilitating learning, teaching and research.

Who will build this? What group of individuals will build this? When will it be built? Wikis that are meant contain learning, teaching, and research resources can be a great benefit to this universe. A wiki that integrates Bitcoin Cash and is dedicated to learning, teaching, and research could be a billion dollar idea.

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Written by   13
2 years ago
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No advertising necessary at all - just the tiny BCH microcosts for access. And micropayments for approved contribution. cheers

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2 years ago

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing it!

One problem with advertising as a funding model is that if we aim this at the developing world, there is not much demand for running ads to developing world audiences. Or at least the ad markets are highly localized, and not systematized (like Google AdSense for example). For example, watch YouTube from the US and get bombarded with ads. Watch it from Colombia and you get considerably fewer and less variety of ads.

We probably would want to aim this at the developing world, because sites like udemy, skillshare, etc already address very adequately the developed world.

My initial reaction is I am iffy on a wiki model and more interested in a udemy model. I am flexible on that tho.

Team BCH Latam is definitely interested in working on this!

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2 years ago