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It Wasn't possible

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2 weeks ago

Someone said that it wasn't possible

However, he with a laugh answered

That "possibly it proved unable," yet he would be one

Who wouldn't state so work he'd attempted.

So he locked directly in with the hint of a smile

All over. In the event that he stressed he shrouded it.

He began to sing as he handled the thing

That wasn't possible, and he did it!

Someone sneered: "Gracious, you'll never do that;

In any event nobody actually has done it;"

Be that as it may, he removed his jacket and he removed his cap

Also, the primary thing we realized he'd started it.

With a lift of his jawline and somewhat of a smile,

With no questioning or quiddit,

He began to sing as he handled the thing

That wasn't possible, and he did it.

There are thousands to disclose to you it is impossible,

There are thousands to forecast disappointment,

There are thousands to bring up to you individually,

The perils that stand by to pounce upon you.

However, simply lock in with somewhat of a smile,

Simply remove your jacket and go to it;

Simply start in to sing as you tackle the thing

That "is impossible," and you'll do it.

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Never give up. Just push yourself harder and harder. You will make it. Be positive and go for it

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2 weeks ago

Thank you so much AngryKoala for lift me and encourange me. actually I felt alon and sad now but you give me encourage and motivates me to keep on going and be positive. Thank you so much. I really appreciated your good and encouraging comment. I hope we will become a friend.

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2 weeks ago