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Easiest Ways To Lose Money on Gambling

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4 months ago

Beware. The following contents are for suitable audiences only. One that not easily got affected with some of half truths, three forth truths and one eight truths are only encouraged to read this. Yes lol.

By the way this is inspired by the article of @Moregainstrategies about fastest way to lose your money, a very entertaining read

1st. THE Half truth

*You've done this? Ssh. This is our top secret! When you are absolutely losing I encouraged you to deposit more, you need get back what was lost! Because you kept and encouraging yourself that the next bet will be green or positive. The pressure and excitement increases on the possibility that you will get the green. Dopamine level increases in every red bets because more reds means having a higher value of green after. Until everything you've gained vanished so is your capital. In the end it was just another bad day. Though you've wear your favorite green shirt. And check out the lucky number on internet. Tough luck man.
Ps. Don't worry I've done this! Haha Literally like the photo below.


*BETTING ALL INS getting a green once and bet again!
-This one is the top of the top secrets! Ever heard of ALL INS? Ah I love all ins! This is the easiest way to get your money vanished into ashes. Bet all ins regret later! Well not if you are planning to lose all your money! Nothings feel bad if you are losing you've gained an experience. Really? And for sure will still do the same. Ahh so much for learning process.

After achieving the minimum amount of payout. Don't hit the payout button. Try your luck on all ins and why not?


Don't Study the results. Don't set Goals. Use the same strategy over and over. AND, Just play and play

Beware this one is the last and nothing will help you to increase of winning. Just losing goals.

Just play and play you're on for losing right? Don't study the result. Play and play until you cry for losing. Stay longer at the site. Play and play until you have funds.

Change strategy? No way you don't have any other strategy. You don't want to read more strategy and research or you don't want to try for a new strat? Because you are comfortable with your strategy it works now it will works later! I bet it will. Just assume that the site hasn't been aware of you're strategy. Go bet and bet!

Setting Goals? No. Don't set a goal. Just play and play. You don't want to win right? You wouldn't ever need this. No limits. Unlimited funds to lose.

Always Complain. This also works on your empty luck. Complain and complain. Share your unlucky day to everyone. Blame the system. Blame all saints. Here is the easiest way to attract loses!

Ps. You wanna go and play to lose? Do not read this. Lol.

Also I will recommend you to read the article of MoreGainStrategies. Very entertaining.

Thanks for reading :)

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Written by   123
4 months ago
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