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Truths We Don't Want To Accept

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7 months ago

As humans, we like to think we are capable of being objective. But no matter how objective we are, there are some truths that we find hard to accept. Knowing and accepting these truths can lead to a better quality of life as they will help to deal with misfortunes and tragic events better. It's hard but we need to know and start accepting this truth as they are.

People You Love Will Hurt You 

This is a truth that's not easy to accept, but that doesn't make it less true. We want to believe that the people we love, love us just as much and as we seek only to make them happy, they seek to do the same top, all the time. But the truth is that not everyone you love loves you as much as you do them. Some people are just with you in whatever capacity because of what they are getting from you. Such people won't hesitate to hurt you if it serves their interest. Even those who love us still hurt us from time to time, whether by mistake or by intent. Sometimes it's usually as a sort of revenge for something we've done to hurt them, which might have been an accident or mistake that we might not even have taken notice of.

You Will Lose Friends

No matter how wonderful and kind you are, no matter how much length you go to, just to keep in touch and the likes, you'll lose friends. That's one of the few constants in life, and it will always be so. Growing up then with our childhood friends with the innocent unbreakable bond we shared, we thought it was always going to be so. We planned to attend the same secondary school, same university, and build our own companies together. Friends for life we would say. If only we knew. 

Life will always happen to us, we will outgrow some friendships and go on separate paths in life. Some of us will move far away from each other and then gradually grow out of touch etc. We might not like or want it, but it's just life. Knowing and accepting this makes it less painful to take in.

You Won’t Always Get What You Want

We all want things. Human wants are indefinitely insatiable. We will always want more and more. We will always want something else. In a world of limited resources, it's folly to think that there's a scenario in which you can always get what you want. Yeah, I know what you're thinking; you think that there's a level of wealth you'll possess that everything you can ever want will be available to you. Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you're sorely wrong because even the richest men on the surface of this planet, have things that they've desired for a long time, but haven't been able to get. It's almost like a rule of nature, a rule that says you can't have everything.

People You Love And/Or Live With, Will Die Eventually

This one is interesting. We generally cry and mourn when we lose a loved one or a friend. That's okay. What I don't get is why we cry and wail for days or months even when we lose our loved ones who die at a ripe old age. Is it that we were expecting them to live forever or what? I don't get it. You'll see people crying and wailing for a loved one who died at the age of 91. Are you sane? What? She's supposed to live till the end of the world. We just need to learn to accept the fact that no one is going to live forever. We'll all die someday, and that goes for our loved ones as well, no matter how much we love them. 

Closing Thoughts

These are some truths that we need to accept for what they are. Knowing these will help us handle some misfortunes better. Know these things and know peace.

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Written by   73
7 months ago
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People who love you will hurt you because they care and vice versa. That is why too much love can destroy you.

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7 months ago