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Hard Truths (Part One)

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7 months ago

For some time now, all I can bring my mind to think about are things that we all know (or not), but won't accept. We live in denial of it and I know for a fact that this makes life a lot harder and more complicated than it is or should be. Some of these things, I like to call them truths, would seem common knowledge, but it's not, at least, not applied.

You Can Only Control You

I don't know if you're like me, but I'm someone who is easily irritated by the actions, words and behaviour of others. In my head, I'm sort of a perfectionist, an idealist, but it's more what I expect others more than myself. Although I'm actively dealing with this now. On a norm, it would be natural for me to seek to want to correct/change people's behaviour, and for a time, I did exactly that and more often than not, it ended in conflict and almost cost me some of my most important friends; it has cost me a few. Along the way, I've come to learn that you can't change anyone.

Have you tried to break a habit? Do you remember how hard and seemingly impossible it was? I know how I've been struggling with two habits for years now. Now, if I can't even bring myself to change a habit, why should I even think I can change a person or his ways? The point is at the end of the day, we can only really control ourselves and ourselves alone. Knowing this will help you become more tolerant of people and the difference between you and them.

Nothing Last Forever

You know, sometimes in life, we are living in bliss and everything just seems to be right and all our worries are gone. At times like this, we worry for nothing, as if we know that this life has been cast in some for us. You might be that person who has a best friend who can complete your sentences, communicate with your eyes, and have the same goals, dreams and hobbies, who can guess what your response will be in any circumstances and not be wrong, and you just think this is the best; best friends for life! Hold your horses there my dear, you couldn't be more wrong.

Nothing in this life lasts forever. The only thing in life that has been and will always be the same is change. Change is the only constant. As for every other thing, circumstances or people, not so dear. They all change with time. I'm not trying some motivational speech on you, absolutely not. I never said all these changes will be good, but they will happen for sure.

The man who has all today, might not have so much tomorrow, that blissful marriage might turn sour or become more blissful tomorrow etc, but the point here is that nothing can or will remain the same forever, no one can or will remain the same forever, no relationship, no circumstance etc, no one. They are all constantly changing with time and whether we approve or not, whether we like it or not, whether we want it or not, nothing can be frozen in time, they will still and always change. It is almost the most basic natural law.

Why does this knowledge matter? I've seen people complain about losing childhood relationships they thought would last forever or losing a certain bliss and euphoria in their marriages and relationships. They say it like it's a bad thing, a bad thing that should never have happened and that they don't know how to deal with. But it's only a problem for those who have not already accepted this truth; the truth is that people change, circumstances change and so on. An acceptance of this knowledge will make it easier to deal with changes whenever they come your way.


Change is a delicate subject. It expresses itself in multifaceted ways, but it's not a thing to be scared of, to abhor, to wish away. Life will have no taste if it were stuck in an ever-reoccurring loop of whatever we desire. There's a reason change is a concept in nature and one that seems fiercely protected by nature itself. Embrace it..

Thanks for reading... I hope this article has been useful to you.

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Written by   73
7 months ago
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