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Bitcoin SV Soars Past Bitcoin Cash

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2 years ago

Overnight, the crypto market surged and the battle between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV has taken a turn as BSV surpasses BCH by market cap ranking at #4

Source: CoinGecko

What Could Be The Cause?

There are many factors as to why BSV started to go parabolic. A large factor would be the upcoming Hard Fork known as the Genesis Hard Fork. It will be removing the block size limit completely.

Another factor some are pointing to is the recent rumors of the self-proclaimed creator of Bitocin, Craig Wright, received the missing Tulip Trust Key to get access to BTC that he needs to pay through a court order that he received during his legal battle with the brother of his late business partner David Kleiman.

Arthur van Pelt of Dragon Industries tweeted screenshots of a Slack channel that Wright is in.

Source: Twitter

With the Tulip keys in his possession and if he does transfer the BTC he claims to have mined when he created supposedly Bitcoin, that could be the proof that everyone wants to see to determine if he is in fact the real Satoshi Nakamoto. However, like most in the crypto community, I don't think he is. If you look back at the messages of Satoshi when he was around, the character of the person behind Satoshi seems he would not act the way Wright does. But that's just my opinion.

With all that said, take it with a grain of salt as these are just rumors and you can't believe everything you read on the internet.

I Still Prefer BCH

Even though with the surge, it will most likely be temporary as BCH, in my opinion, has a better community, ecosystem, and potential to continue its rise.

Just look at the number of platforms for BCH.

Also seeing things like the Blockchain Delivery Network gets me excited about Bitcoin Cash and where the direction things are heading.

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2 years ago
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So he got the keys, yet he still did not sign anything with it, despite trying hard to prove he is SN all these years. What is he waiting for...

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2 years ago

Not sure but according to his court order, he has to release the funds from the wallet the keys are for. It hasn't happened yet and there's a supposed deadline, but well see what happens. Him having the keys could be just fake news.

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2 years ago

If unsure whether to short or long BSV, just long some popcorn company stock and you should be set. This is going to be fun either way.

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2 years ago