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Bitcoin Cash: Growth After Forking

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1 year ago

I have been a holder of Bcash for some time now... Oops, didn't mean to call it BCash. It's Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This video will explain it.

Fork and Growth

Despite what the haters were saying, I took it as an opportunity to have more gains in my crypto holdings. Roger Ver is someone that I respect because not only being an early adopter of Bitcoin and a huge advocate for the blockchain technology but going through the times when there were few that wanted anything to do with crypto and persisting through to see it grow to how it is now.

While many have already seen the vision, getting to this point wasn't easy. When there was a split in the Bitcoin mining community that had their infamous dispute on consensus rules, larger block size, and other possible solutions, Ver went with the Bitcoin Cash community and mining pool ViaBTC mined the first BCH block 478559

Source: BitNews

There are many articles that explained in detail the "Civil War"  that happened but many were scrambling to hold their Bitcoin in their wallets and waiting for the fork. Holders were eager to get some BCH and many exchanges honored the fork and traders were able to gain in the market when the fork happened.

Some in the crypto community would say Bitcoin Cash is the "real" Bitcoin that Satoshi Nakamoto detailed in the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

Bitcoin Cash is at #4 by market cap on CoinGecko at the time of writing.

December of 2017 during the bull rally BCH hit an all-time high of nearly $4,000 USD

Source: CoinGecko

One of the best features of BCH is the Simple ledger Protocol (SLP) that has launched for the network to allow the creation of tokens and utilize smart contract features. One of the popular SLP tokens Honk, is having a token sale to fund a sports betting platform that will be supporting BCHSPICEHONK, and DROP SLP tokens.

Source: SimpleLedger

The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is now more robust with many tools to take advantage of.

Source: Maps.Bitcoin

Find a merchant that accepts BCH. At the time of writing this, there are 1,837 listed merchants on Maps.Bitcoin.

Need more merchants? There are an additional 1,193 listings at GreenPages.Cash to find physical locations or OpenBazaar and other features.

Source GreenPages

Watch Ver do a little grocery shopping and doing a real-world transaction using BCH in Slovenia.

At this point, there is still lots of room to grow and we could soon see a cashless society using the crypto-currencies we can utilize in the real world.

I am glad to be a Bitcoin Cash holder/hodlr and look forward to the years to come in the BCH community.

Thank you for the warm welcome @Read.Cash!

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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Nice article! Welcome! Though I don't think many people would appreciate the intro joke.

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1 year ago

Thanks! Yeah, there's always people that don't appreciate stuff on the internet :P

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1 year ago

Welcome. Did you already own Bitcoin before August 1, 2017? You know that this Bitcoin is also Bitcoin Cash? And if you still have private key you can still use it?

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1 year ago

If you had the keys then they should be sitting in your wallet...

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1 year ago