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Not every friend is your real friend

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1 month ago
Topics: Stories, Creativity

Greeting readers! How are you all? Hoping that you all are save at home and enjoying work from home service

To be honest I'm totally fed up from lockdown and want to back on normal life track hope so soon we defeat covid-19 and back to normal life routine

From last 2 days rusty is very generous toward me. Hope so I'm future he do the some

Okay let's start our today's article

In today's article I will tell you the story of 3 best friends (hursan, zara , anaya )

Zara and anaya was a friends from childhood and they both are studying in a same school and class too. Hursan join their school in 8th class. Zara is the girl who always make new friends if she is rich but anaya feels jealousy when zara make new friends

When hursan join school anaya decide to make him friend and luckily for weekly assignment teacher add hursan to anaya group and now they both are start interacting with each other. Hursan is very polite and kind by heart. She also make friends within 20 minute of talk so zara and hursan become friend but anaya didn't accept the friendship of hursan. But because of polite nature mad kind heart soon hursan make a soft corner for her in anaya's heart. And now they are 3 girls in one squad. Hursan is a girl who can do anything in friendship. She don't know the main motive behind the friendship of anaya & zara. She don't know what they both want from her

The school where they study the education system is different, here boys and girls study together and sit randomly.

They both know (anaya and zara ) that hursan is from rich family and also her 2 cousin are in their class and they both have crush on them just because they are rich too like hursan

For few months they make hursan her close friend and share everything with her. Even they talk about boys too. They tell hursan about their break up with their boyfriend just because their boyfriend think they are not rich but the truth is that they both girls leave them when they see hursan cousin who is more rich than them.

They become close friends of hursan and start going in their house also start talking with their cousins. Hursan cousins also start taking interest in them because they both are beautiful

Anaya & zara start coming to hursan's home every 4th day and also start studying from the sir that came to hursan home for home tuition. Hursan is so happy because she don't know the truth that she will be only used by him they both don't have mobile because their parents didn't give them permission to have mobile before the age of 18 so they both ask hursan cousin to gift a mobile to them and they give them mobile because it's not a big deal for them. Anaya & zara start saying bad words about hursan to her cousin that she is not a good girl. She always ask us that her cousins are so flirty and only use girls for their benefit and hursan cousin believe what they both girls said and stop talking with him. Also she say the same thing go hursan that your cousins say you don't want that we become our girlfriends. When hursan listen these words she is totally broke.because she never think bad about anyone. They all stop talking with eachother. But hursan didn't break her friendship with these 2 bad girls. After sometime, zara is in home and talking to hursan cousin but suddenly her brother saw mobile in her hand and she slap her so hard she ask that it's hursan mobile and she gave him. She talk with her 2 boyfriend and 1 is her cousin so she gave me mobile because today her cousin is at her home and she don't talk with her other boyfriend so she her mobile to me to talk her mobile snatch the mobile and go to hursan house and fight with her cousin and father and repeat all the lines zara said, hursan cousin know that it's all lie hursan doesn't talk with anyone zara is just saving herself from her family. Hursan cousin say sorry to zara brother and take the mobile. Hursan father come to home and slap hursan without listen her single word. He is going to beat hursan but her cousin stop her dad and tell all the story to her father that he talk with hursan friend and it's his mobile hursan is innocent. Hursan doesn't speak a single word and go to her room then her father start crying just because he don't listen her daughter and slap her when hursan listen the voice , she came out of room and hug her dad. Than they all sit and talk about all this issue than they both cousin came to know that hursan doesn't say anything bad about them. It's a part of plan of zara and anaya. They all say sorry to each other and back to normal routine next day in school hursan cousin go in front of both these bad girls and slap them hard in front of whole class and show the real face of them to other so that no one again trust them. Hursan also break her friendship with them and don't make any friends after this incident

"Some lesson that we can learn from this story "

  • Before making friends, always judge them for at least a month specially when they want to be your best friend within one day

  • If someone want to create misunderstanding, don't believe him/her talk to the person why they said these words and clear the misunderstanding

  • Don't be so polite & kind hearted that other will start taking benefit of you

  • Don't help other in their bad things otherwise you will suffer more than the person who do bad things

Hope you like this story ;)

Leave your precious comment's I wanna see your positive response.

Thank you

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Written by   141
1 month ago
Topics: Stories, Creativity
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