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The Strange Looking Scar

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1 year ago

Lilian gave birth to her first child, Zoe after so many years of marriage but Zoe came out with a strange scar on her face. Her father said she was a cursed child and he threw them out of his house. Lilian had to take her child to a quiet place to take care of her. She kept Zoe from mingling with people or show her face to anyone, she wanted a simple happy life with her daughter. 

Zoe grew up to be a very quiet, obedient and humble child. She was a very shy girl who was always ashamed of the way she looked. Lilian homeschooled Zoe since she couldn't take her to a normal school. Zoe was a very intelligent daughter also who excelled well in her studies. Lilian was tempted to take her to a normal school as she was too good to be hidden in the house. After dinner, they had a lengthy talk which ended in Zoe going to school even though it was late. 

Lilian took Zoe to a school close by and Zoe passed a higher class exam that was given to her, Zoe started to attend class that she was the most youngest among them. Everyone in the class hated her face because of the scar, Zoe didn't let that take her happiness away because her mum had already told her what could happen if she started school. Zoe was so happy she was attending school and she came out the best in her class even to the surprise of her teacher. 

Lilian was very proud of her daughter, she started looking for ways to remove the scar from her daughter's face. She visited different religious priests and most of them said the same thing which was still baffling to her. 

"Your husband gave her that scar with his super powers, he is not a normal man. The longer she is with the scar, the more handsome your husband would be"

Lilian could not believe them as she has never thought her husband could be such a person. She decided to visit her husband one day and she was astonished by his handsomeness, he was looking so pure and young unlike before. She couldn't say anything, she left his place and visited one of the priest to ask for a way to end it. 

The priest said "She has to fall in love and have a genuine kiss from the one she loves".

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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