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The Scars Disappeared

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1 year ago

Lilian thought it was possible for Zoe to find a genuine kiss from any one as she was too ugly for a guy to kiss her. She became worried and didn't know what to do. She couldn't tell Zoe about her father and she wished her daughter could just be free from the scars. Zoe kept excelling in her studies that she became the popular ugly intelligent girl, Zoe didn't worry about name they were calling her. She thought of it as being unique from them and she loved it that way. 

Anthony was the best male student in school and also the school's head's son. He was popular for his pompous behaviors, he was so handsome that the girls in school wished to be close to him. Zara had a crush on him but she knew she didn't stand a chance with her appearance, she could only hope that someone would love her even with the scars. Anthony had been noticing Zara on how different she was from the other girls but he could easily guess it was because of the way she was looking. He had a little attraction to her but he forced himself to ignore it as he wouldn't want people to laugh at him being around an ugly girl. 

On her way home one evening, Zoe met Anthony by the roadside rolling on the floor. He was having some stomach pain, she immediately called out for help and he was taken to the hospital. Anthony became better and he opened his eyes to see a very beautiful young girl looking at him with so much concern. He kept staring at the beauty in front of him, lost in thought until the doctor came in and told him he could go home. The beauty held him by his hand so tightly to a car and she took him home, he thanked her for saving his life and she left hurriedly. 

Zara got home to find her mum making dinner in the kitchen and she sat at the dining calling out to her mum that she was so famished. Lilian came out of the kitchen with a plate of food that fell from her hand immediately she saw Zoe. What could have happened? Because she knew for sure the beauty sitting at her dining was her daughter but how did she get that beautiful, she was surprised and she kept staring at Zoe. Zoe was confused about the recent stares on her and she asked her mum what the problem was. Lilian asked a random question, who did you kiss? Zoe said she didn't kiss anyone but while she was waiting for her friend to wake up from the hospital bed, she perked him on the forehead. Lilian knew then that her daughter was in love and she had given out a genuine kiss to her a God sent. 

Lilian brought out a mirror and Zoe could not believe what she saw, a beauty that surpasses all the beauties she had seen. They were both happy and Lilian finally opened up to her about her father's evil deed. Just then, they heard from the news that a very old ugly man was found by the roadside and he had loss his memory. He was taken to the psychiatrist but nothing could be done and he died a few hours later. 

"He deserves it" Zoe said with tears.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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