Your Health First, Don't Act All Strong

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1 year ago

For some time now, I've not been feeling too good health wise. I guess it's fever or whatever but it isn't too serious so I can still get by.

Someone once said that "one who had been sick before will be the perfect person to tell you how important it is for one to take care of his or her health".

People these days are too busy to check on their health status, they are event busy to prepare healthy meals for themselves. You see them buying junks and foods from places that may not have had clean hygiene in their preparation.

Let's face it, once we fall sick, we won't be able to do whatever we are so busy doing now. Take time to rest, eat well and meditate calmly to relieve your mind off issues that you may be having.

Life is hard because we make it hard for ourselves, try approaching issues with a positive mindset and relax when you can... Things may just go fine in the end.

Some people try to prove they are stronger than a common cold or malaria, these people neglect their health and medications and soon, they suffer a more worse illness which would require more expenses.

A doctor said "Buying drugs are more expensive than buying healthy foods, why not go for the healthy foods?".

Learn to care for your health first

  • Take water anytime of the day when you can

  • Eat healthy meals

  • Exercise daily even if it's by taking a short walk

  • Read good books to keep your mind positive and strong

  • Always try to stay happy and smile

Just an advice from me to us, I'm not excluded from those who tend to neglect their health at some point. But we've got to our health more seriously, it's very important.

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Indeed. As a fellow family too, I hope we'll all not take our sick member too lightly. We barely did something for my grandpa :(. He's sick and we have no money and we just keep saying that he's too sensitive. We regret that so much. He's gone now.

Now, we're giving great care to our grandma. Health is so much important. Let's be healthy as early as possible and let's keep monitoring ourselves. Prevention is better than cure

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1 year ago