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Wealth - What It Is And What It Isn't

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1 month ago

Instead of asking to be very rich, why not ask to be so wealthy? There is a huge difference between being rich and being wealthy but people don't know so they strive hard to become rich. Even some who do say they are not from a rich home don't know if they are actually from a wealthy home. Well, let's know what wealth is not and what it is.

Wealth Is Not Flashy

Wealth doesn't concern itself with things that are flashy to the eyes because such things fade away. Poor people who aren't wise to find ways out of their poverty tend to concern themselves with these flashy things to make people think they are rich. Those flashy things don't last so their pretense don't last either, they get hurt in the end.

Wealth Is Not Loud

Wealth is hardly spoken of and it lives its life like it doesn't really exist. What is loud is being rich, people hear and talk of them all of the world. They have so much money and continue to run their business to keep the money and fame coming. Wealthy isn't concerned with the fame or money it could get, it is contented and satisfied with it's quiet possessions.

What Wealth Is... 

This is why you should ask for so much wealth and not more riches. 

Wealth is health - Good health to enjoy life and your money. Wealth grows old in health to enjoy the fruit of its labor. Wealthy is healthy because it worries less, doesn't live extravagantly to harm its health.

Wealth is time - Having time to itself, time to it's family and time to humanity. Wealth is not always busy because it plans it's time well and utilize it in the best ways.

Wealth is Options - Having the choice to choose whatever it wants and whenever it wants it. Wealth doesn't run out of chances and opportunities because it makes use of every good options given. In this sense, you could say wealth is smart and wise.

Wealth is freedom - The poor aren't free because they are finding ways to become rich if not looking for shortcuts to pretend. The rich aren't free because they want to be more richer than they are. The wealthy are free to do what they want, they have the time, the options and health to be free. The wealthy doesn't concern themselves with worries too much because they've learned to live freely.

From all that's said, almost everyone of us could say we're wealthy because we're healthy, have time to blog at least, have the options to do other things while we blog online, and we are free to take whatever decisions we want - That's being wealthy.

A rich person can be said to be wealthy when he has all that as well so I'm not saying being rich is bad, you can be rich and wealthy but don't go for flashy and loud things.

  • Don't be the poor type that's flashy 

  • Don't be the rich type that's loud

  • Be the wealthy type that's quiet and living comfortably.

All images were gotten from unsplash

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Written by   16
1 month ago
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You are very right. Being healthy and doing what you love best can also mean being wealthy. It is not until you are rich with flashy things. Some times having all those flashy stuff would make you become restless and not at peace.

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1 month ago

Exactly, glad you understand my point. Thanks for your support sis

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1 month ago