Trafficking in children and women

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In the modern world, there is a huge disparity between men and women. Despite the extreme progress of civilization and the tremendous development of science, horrific incidents like trafficking of children and women are constantly happening in different part of the world

In underdeveloped or developing countries, such issues seem to have become quite commonplace.In most cases, torture, rape and murder continue to increase after trafficking, but no strong resistance has yet emerged against this horrific situation. That is why there are various cycles involved in the trafficking of children and women worldwide.That is why there are various cycles involved in the trafficking of children and women worldwide.

Women and children have developed strong networks. An Internet-based observation found that human trafficking gangs based in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata in India are strongest in the border districts of Bangladesh. In addition, Bangladesh is being used as a transit point for propaganda from neighboring and other countries. Women and children from poor and socially disadvantaged families are often the main victims.

Most of the women victims of trafficking are in various sex villages in India. There are also some organizations in the name of manpower export who extort more money without paying attention to any government regulations.Some unscrupulous officials and middlemen are involved in such heinous acts. Lack of education and awareness in the society, underestimation of women, dowry, child marriage, marriage, divorce, free opportunity, cheating in love, superstition etc are reason of women trafficking.

পাচারকারীরা এই সভ্য সমাজেরই একজন হিসেবে কৌশলে নিজেদের লুকিয়ে রাখে ।তাই তাদের সরাসরি শনাক্ত করা কঠিন ।আর এদের মূল হোতা সচরাচর তথাকথিক বিত্তশালী ও সম্ভ্রান্ত হওয়ায় এদের বেছে বের করাও অসম্ভব। অধিকাংশ ক্ষেত্রে রাজনীতি ছত্রছায়ায় নিজেদের মজবুত করে এরা শক্তিশালী সাংগঠনিক প্রক্রিয়ায় একেবারে তৃণমূল পর্যন্ত বিস্তৃত ।

Traffickers tactfully hide themselves as part of this civilized society, so it is difficult to identify them directly, and it is impossible to identify them as their masterminds are usually so-called rich and aristocratic. In most cases, by strengthening themselves in the shadow of politics, they extend to the grassroots in a strong organizational process.

The uneducated, semi-educated and simple people of the village can make a difference in a few days. As a result, Mama Khalu formed a relationship with any family, uncle, brother, etc., as the closest relative of these families.Brokers at home and abroad have formed an international circle. They have close ties with some corrupt officials in the passport and immigration offices. The average in the Middle East is usually 50 to 60 per month.

Trafficking in women and children has emerged as a serious problem in the world. International Women's Association, including children's organizations, various SAARC organizations should be taken necessary steps to stop human trafficking.It is not possible to solve the problem by confining the work of all media, government and non-government organizations, including newspapers, to this information and data.

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