Redd, Reddcoin, and Social Tipping

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Have you heard of Reddcoin yet? If you haven't, it's not a surprise. Reddcoin has been a pump and dump coin since its inception, however, under the premise of being simply a shill coin, we have incredible features.

Firstly, Redd is social.

Reddcoin is aimed towards social tipping, content encouragement, and everything in-between. There's even a social charity that is chosen amongst users, and a certain percentage gathered to help the cause.

Reddcoin is sustainable.

PoSV; Proof of Stake Velocity. Instead of constantly mining coins, Redd established an initial mining protocol, and then transitioned into a PoSV long-term proposal. What does that mean? Instead of miners constantly fighting or bickering over who has the most power, how much transactions are going to cost, etc; Redd can be "staked" and value is earned in that regard. Transaction fees right now are 2 Reddcoin. That's literally one penny, as of this writing. The blockchain times are incredibly fast too; based off an original Lightcoin hard fork, we've got quick and sustainable transactions despite the load.

Redd is the future.

Redd has active developers, an active community, and new updates and features coming out on a daily basis. Mobile wallets will be realized, and ReddID will sweep across all social media platforms unlike anything we have ever seen. Imagine being able to send Redd to: "Meow3r" // literally, just that. Not, 437378126fg27ut3egh897a3fdgauwdb.... you get my point. ReddID will quite literally revolutionize how we send and receive cryptocurrency.

As of this writing, Redd has made a small comeback in the crypto-sphere. The whales are noticing that updates and other big events are coming soon. 10 satoshi per Redd may be the cheapest we ever see it again, given how cryptocurrency is approaching the main sphere.

Take it while you can get it! Bittrex is one of the biggest suppliers of Reddcoin. However, there are other sites you can find it on as well. Take from this what you can and do your own research!! I LOVE the idea of decentralized platforms, currencies, and crypto -- all the like can help contribute to a whole new level of independence of the likes we've never seen!!

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