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3 months ago

I have had anxiety all my life, before I went to any function and or anything that could fearfully worry about but it wasn't something I had everyday or interfered with my dialy life. In the last couple of years though I have expiercenced great pain and hardship and in last 8 months or so my anxiety has sky rocketed something that I once had control over interferes with everything I do. So I began to research anxiety and self help info, there so many different forms of anxiety, I didn't realize there were so many but after reading about the different types and I found that I have relationship anxiety, which stems from my trust issues over the last couple of years because crelationship anxiety can be stem from any kind of relationship, parents,friends, boyfriend,girlfriend. Here is a list of the other forms of anxiety:

  • General anxiety disorder - having tension and unrealistic worry without any reason

  • Panic disorder- having sudden intense fear may cause chest pain and a pounding heartbeat

  • Social anxiety- excessive worry about any social gatherings big or small

  • Specfic anxiety- fear or worry about certain objects

  • Selective mutism- this form of anxiety only effects children and causes them to not want to speak in public

  • Medication induced anxiety- this is when certain medications and illegal drugs cause anxiety when withdrawing

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3 months ago
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