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Faraj Karim Chowdhury is the eldest son of ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, Member of Parliament for Chittagong-6 constituency. This dreamy young man is running endlessly against various irregularities around him. One after another exceptional activities have gained tremendous popularity across the country by highlighting them on social media.

The history and heritage of the Khan Bahadur Abdul Jabbar Chowdhury dynasty of Raozan in Chittagong is a unique chapter in the whole city. During the British rule, Abdul Jabbar used to walk around the city with the title of Khan Bahadur, one of the declared heroes of that time. Faraz Karim Chowdhury is one of the examples of the existence of this traditional family domination and the refuge of love of innumerable people even after the death of MP Fazle Karim Chowdhury's grandfather, Faraz's great-grandfather Khan Bahadur Abdul Jabbar Chowdhury.

After completing his undergraduate degree from King's College London in 2013, he came to the country in 2015 after obtaining a master's degree from the University of Manchester in London. Since then, he got acquainted with various social and humanitarian activities. After completing his higher degree from a foreign country, Faraz did not set foot on the path even though he had job opportunities at the highest level of multinational industries in the country. Although he is currently gaining popularity as a young politician with a clean image, he feels comfortable to introduce himself as an ordinary person.

Being born in Dhaka, Faraj's education also started from there. However, he moved to his home in Raozan upazila of Chittagong soon after the start. As the son of a famous family, he always got special privileges. Due to which he kept his father's identity secret. In between his studies, he would occasionally go to various social events with his father. He used to see various common customs with the people's representatives of the country. Seeing all this would have been a little annoying.

Faraj Karim said, β€˜In our country, when a distinguished person is invited as a guest on various occasions; At that time, my father used to greet them with banners with big pictures and greet them with flowers. Faraj Karim used to get annoyed and think about how to change this. He said, "The real thing is to be a poster of people's minds through work, not a poster with pictures." One day, at a function at Raozan College, he took down a banner-festoon with pictures of his father and himself. He expressed his displeasure over the destruction of the learning environment by putting banners and festoons in the educational institutions. It is learned that from that day onwards, whenever they were invited to any function, the rules of welcoming with banners, greetings with flowers and crests became permanent in Raozan.

Faraj Karim was humane from his childhood. One day he saw many of his new clothes lying in the wardrobe of his house and distributed them among the torn children. This is how his genuine love for poverty was born from childhood. Seeing his son's humanitarian activities, the father was also impressed and used to provide financial assistance to Faraj Karim. One day, the 14-year-old spoke with MP Fazle Karim at an event in Abu Dhabi outside the country. Faraj Karim's thinking was an exception. However, there was no opportunity to use them. Finally, after completing his higher education (Masters) from the United Kingdom in 2015, he came to the country and peeked into the sky of this young man's dream. Then came down to implementation. A voluntary organization called 'Central Boys of Raozan' took part in his activities. His activities started with a program called 'Clean Raozan Campaign' to clean the whole city. After that, he took the initiative to provide employment to the innumerable helpless people, to help the disabled and to take various steps to prevent the ongoing crimes in the society. Regarding these activities, Faraj Karim said, "In the last four years, I have tried to take many initiatives. Even though the people of the country are praying for me, I want to act like myself by the grace of God. My father also shared with me all the good deeds for which all this was possible.

In August 2017, a schoolboy was killed in a reckless truck accident in front of Raozan Upazila Parishad. In this tragic accident, there was an uproar all over Raozan. At that time MP Fazle Karim and his son Faraj Karim were staying in Dhaka. An influential section of the community was using the opportunity to cover up the killing of a schoolboy. So that the issues can be settled by holding the relatives of the deceased hostage for 20,000 rupees. Due to this incident, the situation became more heated. The main news reached the ears of the MP's son Faraj Karim even though the influential quarters meant nine to six MPs in Dhaka. Knowing all this, he immediately rushed from Dhaka to Raozan and saw that the situation was very tense. He later learned that the police station was also suppressed by depriving the victims of the legal process by showing greed for large sums of money. However, Faraj Karim went to the police station with the relatives of the deceased with a challenge and forced the police officers to file a case. In this way, he sacrificed himself to get justice like the slain student.

Earlier, the harassment of scoundrels increased in the educational institutions of Raozan. For this reason, many college-going young women had to go through various unpleasant situations on a regular basis. When a young woman complained about these issues on Faraj Karim's Facebook page, she took to the field with the help of the local administration to eradicate the talented boys from all over Raozan. Not only that, on the basis of such allegations, in his solemn effort to curb the crime at the moment, a help desk service was launched in Raozan and the number was spread everywhere to provide assistance. Since then, stories of rape, drugs, extortion, occupation, torture of women or horrific crimes have been coming up through the help desk. So at the same time the scope of the help desk is increased compared to the massive demand. Faraj Karim's activities are a means of skyrocketing praise among the people of the country. Asked what challenges he had to take to keep these activities going, Faraj Karim said, "Corruption and irregularities are everywhere in the country, as was my hometown of Raozan." My father's dream was to clean up his area, so I wanted to take part. I don't know if I can be 100% successful or not. Yet I have tried to stop a number of crimes and irregularities in the will of God. After launching all our help desk services, we are able to bring a lot of relief to the criminals. We have raided the help desk in 24 hours on the basis of such allegations through the concerned police station. Many of them were touching. For example, a few days ago, when I got the news of a mother torturing her child, I ran to that village and was moved to tears when I heard the horrific description of the torture. At the same time, we have taken all his responsibilities. There were many such incidents worth mentioning. '

In the first part of this year, when the stagnation in the country is increasing due to the Corona outbreak, the holy month of Ramadan comes to the fore. At this time, the lives of millions of people imprisoned in the lockdown came to a halt; From then on, Faraj Karim started thinking about the helpless people roaming the streets, including doctors, health workers and police on duty in Corona. Because after the evening all the restaurants are closed. As a result, even if they wanted, the helpless could not buy food with money. And Sahri is about their dreams. So, in consultation with his father, the young man, with financial support from various quarters and his own infinite efforts, provided food to about 60,000 people during the entire month of Ramadan. In the middle of the night, his volunteer team divided into several parts and distributed the food to the whole city of Chittagong including Raozan. In the meantime, he has launched telemedicine services in a coordinated decision with the doctors. He also organized regular vegetable markets every day, including sending relief to the middle class by maintaining privacy in their homes. From where customers would receive a certain amount of vegetables for free. He also distributed special masks, goggles, hand sanitizers and other necessary protective equipment. A team has been formed to ensure the burial of the dead affected by the corona. Lastly, he has set up the Corona Isolation Center in Raozan with the financial support of the general public. In the midst of this global crisis, he has taken countless contemporary steps with indomitable courage and has run from one end of the city to the other at night. In this way, he has to be infected with coronavirus while dedicating himself.

Faraj Karim's dream is that he will always work in the service of the people. He dreams a lot about his area Raozan, and wants to see many changes there. The youth will have to lead this journey, and the touch of change will spread all over Bangladesh starting from Raozan β€” that is his expectation.

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