Why is life so unfair?

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2 years ago

Life-a word with thousand meanings.A peaceful,prosper,successful life is most of the people want.But life can be so unfair sometimes.Why?Parents-the most important persons in one's life.They take care of us for the whole life starting from the very beginning when we are in our mum's womb.Us,children ar supposed to take care of them after a certain age.It's so much hard to watch your parents get old,get sick of old age.Why bad things happen to good people?What's the version of being 'good' or being 'bad'?

I'm seeing my father to get sicker day by day.It's so hard to watch and very heartbreaking.I don't know what to say to him.It's a hard situation when one of your vital organs stop functioning.What did he do to deserve this?Our parents love us,cherish us for their whole world.They provide us with everything.But when they are in danger,how do we help them?Mental support us all I can give right now.Prayers do help.Our Allah Almighty knows our fate.Let's hope for the best.

Family comes first.Bad times shall pass,I believe.After-all,this is a part of life.

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