What's wrong with modern age Hindi series?!

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2 years ago

Hello peeps!I just finished watching a new Netflix original series 'Bombay Begums'.Starring Pooja Bhatt,Shahana Goswami,Plobita,Amruta,Aadhya;this series has a lots of things to say.Nowadays,these shows are portraying feminism in a whole new way which I find totally wrong and unacceptable.'Bombay Begums' is the story of five women whose lives are somehow connected to one another.They have their own stuggles in the big city but they make their way one way or another.The protagonist Rani Singh Irani,newly appointed CEO of Royal Bank of Bombay has her own secrets.Well,I'm not giving the spoiler.But I have mixed feelings about the show.I liked the first and last episode actually but the middle ones were trash.There are 6 episodes and all of them tried to portray women as something different.Since when,cheating on your spouses or partners are nornal?!Is that even fair in any book!2 of the protagonists cheated on their spouses with other men because they weren’t really happy in their marriage and were just trying to find inner piece and happiness.But NO-cheating cannot be justified really,not in the way this show portrayed it.

These days,the new web shows are really trynna empower women in a way I just don’t understand.Being a women does not give you the right to slap your spouse because you're mad at him or cheating on him because he can't satisfy you.This is not right.But 'Bombay Begums' showed how women are actually harrased in workplace mentally and physically.

But I saw some other shows too where feminism has been portrayed in a wrong way.This is not feminism.

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