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2 years ago

Hello peeps!I'm here to share some of my experiences as a prof examinee.I'm a second year med student and this is my first ever professional examination.Prof is a very hard exam to give.I mean the syllabus is so so huge.I've never studied so much in my life before.😫

That feeling of appearing to your very first professional exam!This is surreal.One step closer to your dreams,one step closer to becoming a doctor.I love all these but this exam and med life is really very exhausting.Back to back exams without time to take rest.Ugghhh!But sad part is,we lost a whole year due to Covid-19 pandemic.Otherwise,I would have been in the last term of third year by now.But this is what's in our fate.Finally the exams started from 22nd February,2021.This lengthy exam will finish on 4th April.🥵Still giving the written exams.Then comes the tougher part-viva and practical!Teachers from other medicals(external) will come to take our oral exams which is a nightmarish type of experience to think about.😵

Anyways,gotta go.Exam day after tomorrow.Wish me luck!🤒

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