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2 years ago

Friends-an inevitable part of our life.True friends are a blessing.You really cannot stay away from them unless you are a serious loner.I'm blessed to have such good friends in my life.I have been friends with some of them for even more than 15 years(I am 22 now hehe).But it hurts when 'friends' lie to you.Should true friends ever lie?I think the answer is a big NO.

I know that circumstances aren’t always right.And truly,nobody has the right to control your life.It's upto you whether you would share your personal life with your friends or not.But when the situation is like-everybody in the group shares everything with each other and the group is really very small,then you shouldn’t make feel others left out or lie about a silly matter.That's it.I am personally an introvert person but extrovert among my close people who you may call my 'homies'.Yesterday I walked into a very awkward situation with a friend and I really don’t know how to deal with this.I know it’s her life and her decision but I really feel left out.But I'll deal with it maturely.

Just saying,friends shouldn’t lie to each other.

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