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2 years ago

Hello fellas!I'm here to talk about an eventful day.07.03.2021-A memorable day.My written exam for first professional examination finished.The main part-viva is left yet but still I'm happy that a part of nightmare ended.😭It's been so long I had a peaceful sleep of hours.Things are pretty much same for my other batchmates too.Anyway,exam ended so I along with my friends went out after such a long time!I have a group of five and I feel lucky to have them in med school.They are absolutely amazing and very good persons.

All the laughter,giggles,small talks,sparkles in our eyes-damn I missed all these.We roamed around the city,ate to our content,went to our favourite cafe.Also we tried a nutella shake which was heavenly.🤤We have a WhatsApp group named 'Picture Perfect' because we're undoubtedly photogenic.😌So yes,we clicked a lots of pictures and videos.Nobody would say we stayed up all night for exam.We were joyous and genuinely happy.Our brains need rest too.

All these small things are what really matter at the end of the day.Start taking care of yourself.Stay healthy and happy!Ba-bye.💛

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