Two Platforms Which Paid You In Bitcoincash

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Not any other crypto-currency, it's only Bitcoincash which developed two fantastic platforms for earning the bitcoincash without any investment. These are:

  • Noisecash

  • Readcash

Both platforms are created by Simon and sponsored by Sir Marc De Mesel and many other generous people.

Noisecash: A Microblogging Social Platform

Noisecash is the microblogging social platform which paid it's users for posting original content about their daily routine activities and also about crypto.

Method of earning from this platform is so easy. If the website choose to sponsor you they will give you free tips to share on other users posts and keep some parts of free tips to yourself.

You've got a Free Tip

To become eligible for this notification you must be:

  • The original creator of the posts.

  • Try to follow all rules of noisecash.

  • Do interaction with the original users of website.

Readcash: An Article Writing Website

Readcash is the first platform which was developed by Simon to spread the word Bitcoincash all around. In start the methods of earning Bitcoincash from readcash was dependent on point system.

But later on due to increasing number of spam cases the readcash website was getting updated and the Random Rewarder wad introduced into the platform for the fair tipping of Bitcoincash.

To collect the Bitcoincash from readcash you should need:

  • To write the articles of maximum reading time of three minutes.

  • Try to create the original stories or adventures there.

  • The more interesting is your story, the more highest tip you will get from the Random Rewarder.

Some Other Bitcoincash Earning Websites:

There are three more Bitcoincash earning websites

  • Memo cash which is also microblogging platform but where we used Satoshi to tip each other

  • Gaze cash which paid you for Making and uploading the video

  • which paid you for completing the microtasks.

But these three platforms are somehow difficult as compared to noisecash and readcash. So give your fair time and original content to both these platforms and enjoy earning the bitcoincash.

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Another very interesting and great post. Like it , I only knew the famous two, and and I have been using it. However, thanks to you know two more, and I will check both of them sometimes, noted with many thanks.

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7 months ago

Indeed these are the best platforms to earn bitcoin cash.

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10 months ago