A Terrible deal of Dreams.

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7 months ago


Tonight she sat on the floor, next to her bed eyes on her wrinkled wrists with her trembling sight. She kept analyzing and observing the lines on her aged hands when a drop fell over them. A drop of grief, sorrow repentance, and penitence. A drop of a tear from her weak eyes cursed her. She sat there numb, still, as a statue, the only voice she could hear now was the voice of the clock in her room.

Tick, Tick, Tick.....

Now synchronizing with every beat of her trembling heart.

For the very first time in ten years, it felt as if every second on the clock was tearing the heart into million pieces as if it scratched the flesh off her heart and soul off her body. she knew that this contrition had a cause, and the cause was the deal she had made ten years back at the new beginning of her life. They deal with the most perilous protagonists in the universe.

The deal with "TIME"

She permitted time to rule her, to dominate her, and agreed to be its lifelong slave. She ran after it her whole life and in return, it dissolved everything she had, It conquered her past, stole her present, and ruled her future. It kept dissolving life from every moment she had, it kept telling her that she needed to work for 'Tomorrow', stealing 'Today' from her. Asking her to run for a better end, not knowing that it ends in the Grave without him!

She was in deep search of peace but everything around her ruined her peace of mind and heart and make her regret you are a loser. He is gone but still, you are alive.

In this race, she lost something "Something so Precious to her heart" and now she is losing herself after passing every sec, min, hour, day, week, month, or year.

She made a worthless deal by ruining her peace every second by remembering him. Time kept comforting her for a better future and wrapped away her present, it kept tangling in her past and sucking her moments. she is becoming mad.

She lost herself Now!!!

It Dissolved: Dissolved in the vast panorama of time in such a way that she ain't never be able to bring it back.

Tonight she sat there, her head in her hands, sobbing she asked, why would someone make such a terrible deal? by taking her dreams of survival.

Meanwhile my mom,

Wake up

Wake up

Wake up. You are becoming late for the university.

I woke up suddenly, was so scared, and hugged my mom tightly having tears in my eyes. My night suit was becoming filled with sweating.

Here! the dream come to an end.

Concluding thoughts:

I don't know but I am always scared of losing my beloved in my life. And this dream is making me insane and I am not feeling well for the last two days. Hope, Everything will be good on my way. Need some prayers...

Well, Do you ever saw such kind of dream?

The picture is taken from Unsplash and edited by me on Canva.

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7 months ago


Ahh i wish I never had such dream, sometimes we wish our all dreams come true but sometimes when we wake up from horrific dream and we relax ourselves by saying thank God it was just a dream.

By the way what happened to your health, May you have a blessed healthy life Amen.

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7 months ago

Alhumdulillah, I am much better now. Thank you.

And yes this was just a horrible dream.

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7 months ago