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Numerical calculation

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From the beginning numbers of mathematics. And naturally in Bangladesh the crying of mathematics also starts from counting numbers. This cry of mathematics is as old as the thousand-year-old Bengali tradition. Today's adults also shared this cry one day. But no painful memory of a forgetful Bengali lasts long.

Azizur Rahman Khalifa, a professor of mathematics, did not forget this painful experience of counting numbers. He heard the cries of the children even when he was growing up. Listen to his language-

An English boy was asked to write numbers forty-one; He listened to forty, wrote 4 of forty and wrote 1 of one, and finished. He was asked to write forty-nine. Normally when he hears forty he writes 4 and then he hears nine and writes 49.

What did the Bengali boy do to write those two numbers? After hearing forty-one, he wrote 1 for one and 4 for forty, that is, 14 (fourteen). And when asked to write fifty-nine, he wrote fifty after hearing fifty. But he can't think what to write for the loan. Even if he writes 9 for the loan, he will not have it.

To the English boy, the subject is as simple as dictation. Just like when he is asked to write 'I have learned mathematics', he will finish writing the words 'I have learned mathematics' one after the other. As soon as he hears forty-nine like that, he will finish by writing 4 for forty and then nine and 49. Just like dictation or dictation. But it is a deadly problem for a Bengali boy.

Think about writing fifty-two in numbers. The English boy will easily write like dictation, first 5 for fifty and then 2 for two; Quickly write 52. What will the Bengali student write after hearing the word Bahanna in Bengali? Fifty-two, fifty-two, is telling the English student what to write. And there is nothing in the Bengali Bayanna word that the Bengali boy can easily decide what to write.

Such may be the pronunciation of the century

The problem is universal. Me, you and all of us. You can understand if you read with a little patience. When it comes to learning or teaching, this primary problem comes first. It is a complex problem for children, parents, siblings, relatives or their guardians.

The first step in teaching mathematics to children is to read and write centenary numbers. English and Persian students have no difficulty in reading and writing the numbers from 21 to 99. Numbers and structures are normal in their language and so everything is like a mechanical call to them. Simple, take something to think about somewhere. Writing or reading those numbers is not a problem for them at all.

On the other hand, the structure of these numbers in Bengali is inexcusably artificial and unscientific. As a result, our Bengali children have to suffer while reading and writing these. They have to master it by constantly writing or memorizing, doing inhumane work and spending unnecessarily long time. And that's why from the very beginning a misconception has developed in our children in general - mathematics is a very difficult subject.

A very common and normal thing has become a terrible problem as a result of our inattention or recklessness. The time spent by the children of our country behind this century of reading and writing, the lucky students of the outside world learn a lot at that time and go a long way in the path of education.

In order to solve this problem of the students, Mr. Khalifa suggested to read 41, 42, 43, ..., 49, forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, ..., forty-nine, respectively. But many of the literary lovers of the time, out of a strong urge to preserve the chastity of the learned language, ruined this proposal of the caliph at the very beginning.

In fact, the conventional method of counting numbers is not only laborious and inconsistent, but in my opinion, it is also a wrong method. The continuity of number counting in mathematics has been broken only here. It has also violated the essence of mathematics.

The main function of mathematics or numbers is to convert adjectives into quantitative quantities. That main purpose of mathematics is being undermined in this Bengali counting system. For example, fifty-nine, sixty-nine, seventy-nine — let's talk about these numbers.

In Bengali, the word loan has less meaning. The word debt or less is adjective. Fifty-nine words mean less than fifty. But how much less? There is no way to explain that amount. According to the calculation of the amount, 49.5-and fifty-nine or 49.6-and-fifty-nine. Therefore, it is necessary to call the fifty-nine by the name of nine-fifty or fifty-nine or any other yutsai directed by the caliph.

And for those who speak of the chastity of language, I say, the word 'chastity of language' is meaningless. The birth of language in human need. And the language is changed, refined or corrected according to the needs of the people. In many countries of the world, language, calculation, caste have changed a lot. Not that nothing has changed in the Bengali language either.

I raised an argument on this issue with a prominent thinker of the country. I said the practice of counting numbers needs to be corrected. When he suddenly fell into the hot oven, he sighed, just as he sighed when he heard my proposal. Later he said with natural erudition, no, it is not possible. Language has a feature. For example: the word eleven did not just happen. Eleven words mean one more. That is, one more after ten, so that's eleven.

I said, that's right. In this way a speed of twelve or thirteen can be made. But then why 'fourteen' is not fourteen, or why sixteen is not fourteen?

This time he remained silent. But it did not benefit any party. And the trouble of counting children is not a lot.

I have personally experimented with the subject in children. It takes a few days for a child to count from 41-50 according to the conventional number counting system. But its names change a little to one-forty, two-forty, three-forty, four-forty, five-forty, six-forty, seven-forty, eight-forty, nine-forty, fifty. . If you don't believe, you can check it yourself.

If it is lawful to call 31 one-thirty, 41 one-forty, then why not 51-one-fifty?

Boiki has time to think about the matter!

You can disagree with this writing. But it will not be easy for children to learn mathematics. It is important for children to understand this serious problem with their mind and compassion. Then it is important to find a scientific solution. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to overcome the children's math fear.

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