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Birbal is not a fictional, historical character. Emperor Akbar and Birbal were the soul of Harihar. Again, it is not that there has never been a disagreement between the two on some issues. Done. But he is only temporary. Because, Birbal was an inevitable advisor to Emperor Akbar in running the kingdom.

One day King Akbar asked Birbal if the people of the world had eyesight.

The idea of ​​a king is the eye of the people of the world, but the idea of ​​Birbal is the opposite.

According to him, people are blind. The king asked Birbal to prove his point by reasoning.

Birbal took a piece of cloth. He wrapped it around his head and asked the king, "What is it?"

‘It’s a turban,’ the king said quite casually.

Birbal then removed the piece of cloth from his head. Then he wrapped it around his neck. This time he asked King Akbar again, "What is this?"

‘It’s a necklace,’ said King Akbar unequivocally.

Birbal then untied the piece of cloth and fixed it. Then he wrapped it around himself and asked, "What do you call it now, King?"

‘Chadar,’ Akbar’s clear reply.

Birbal finally said, "Jahampana, people have eyes, but they can't see the real thing."

He picked up the piece of cloth and said, ‘It is a piece of cloth but it is used in different ways. So people have given it different names. They do not know the nature of things. That's why I call them blind. '

The king felt Birbal's argument and remained silent as he could not answer.

(Source: From the best story book of Raja Birbal, the first publication compiled and edited by Akhtar Hussain)

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