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No one borrows, no matter what anyone else says, I can never say. My guess is that no one in the world can say that without a Kabuliwala. The path of nectar is ‘Khursya Dhara Nishita’; If you don't want to die prematurely, you have to borrow.

It was better to borrow, but it was not. The rest of the rent, not much more, only five hundred rupees! But for that, the landlord appeared one day holding a karal idol:

‘I’ve given you a lot of time and I can’t give up. I don't hear any excuses anymore. '

‘Think about it,’ I say to him: ‘You are doing this for a little five hundred rupees! But one day after a decade - after I die, people will point fingers at your house and say, once upon a time, the famous writer Sri Amuk Chandra used to live here. '

‘Live! Lived !! He would have bought my head if he had lived! 'In response, there seemed to be a rush from his side -' Listen, Mister, let me tell you plainly, if I don't get my money by midnight tonight, people will say this tomorrow, not a decade later. '

The landlord said he was acquitted and left. But where do I get so much money in one go? No one lends easily to a writer like me for fear of having to lend. The writer is just as sharp, I put a stick on him again সবাই everyone knows.

Going to Harshavardhana? This little money is nothing to them. I have made a lot of money by writing their stories, now what if they are pressed on their backs? If we get rid of this responsibility under their patronage?

As soon as he read the word, Harshavardhana said, ‘Of course! If I don't give it to you, who will? '

I was shocked. Didn't you hear that?

‘Aren’t you our friend?’ He kept saying.

‘If you talk about friendship—’ I interrupt.

‘Yes, I am talking about friendship. You are not our friend. You don't have to lend money to a friend, it's okay. Because, it goes to money, it goes to friendship. ' Then there is eternal salvation. '

Ah! If I were his second-class friend, I would sigh.

I need the money again. That five hundred rupees. That's why I came to you brother! I will give you the money back this Saturday. Absolutely.

‘But you’re not a friend, the writer is human. Writers are never friends with anyone. '

‘None of the writers seem to be friends.’ I say bluntly.

‘Quiet! What could be better than that? ’He said,‘ When you are not a relative-friend of ours, but a writer, what is the point of paying you? Tell me how much you have to pay? '

‘Not more, five hundred. And I am not saying to give at all. 'I say,' Today is Wednesday. I will return the money to you on Saturday. '

I promised. Apart from this, what was the other way to get relief from the landlord today? But I promised. I didn't think about it, but since Saturday morning it has become a matter of thought.

I am going to think, meeting Govardhan at that time is on the way. At the intersection.

‘Brother Govardhan, have a word? I say keep it. '

‘What are you talking about?’

"If you promise not to tell your grandfather, I'll tell you."

‘Why go to grandpa? Do I tell Grandpa everything? '

Nothing more. The thing is, can you lend me five hundred rupees for a few days? Today is Saturday? I'll give you that money back this Wednesday evening! '

Without saying a word, Mr. Gobra took five five hundred rupees notes out of his pocket.

With the money I went straight to Sriharshavardhana.

‘See if I keep my word. I can be a writer, I can be a poor writer পারি I can play with words, but I never break words. '

Harshavardhana silently took the money.

‘You thought you lost the money. I will not be this face in this life. I thought: '

"No, no, I didn't think of that at all," he said. I think you returned the money so soon! And how can you meet your needs so quickly? Well, don't hesitate to ask again if you need to. '

Needless to say! I shook my head. Writers are people of Vaikuntha, they have no hesitation in anything.

The need arose again on Saturday. I had to take the money from Harshavardhana and give it to Govardhana.

‘How Govardhan Bhaya! See if I keep my word. Here's your money — thank you very much. '

... had to go to Gobra again on Wednesday. I had to read the words — ‘Govardhan Bhaya, I said I will return the money on Saturday, I did it on Saturday, didn’t I? Has there been any movement in my words even for one day? ...

"Why are you saying such a thing?"

‘I need the money again. That five hundred rupees. That's why I came to you brother! I'll give you the money back this Saturday. Absolutely. '

Thus Harshavardhana and Govardhana, Govardhana and Harshavardhana — I was weaving my dhariwal blanket in the tension on both sides on Saturday and Wednesday, when I met two people on the way one day. Once upon a time.

The two brothers were coming side by side. He looked at me. It's like a questioning look in the eyes of both of them.

Maybe the vision is good-asking, where am I going, how am I হয়তো maybe any such general curiosity, but my sin-mind! It seemed as if there was a tagada in the eyes of both of them.

‘Harshavardhanbabu, brother Govardhan, I will say one thing, don’t think of anything—’ I begin: ‘Brother Govardhan, you will give five hundred rupees to Harshavardhanbabu every Wednesday. And Harshavardhana Babu, you will give five hundred rupees to your brother Govardhana every Saturday. Harshavardhanbabu, you have to pay Saturday and Govardhan Bhaya, you have to pay Wednesday ... Harshavardhanbabu, you are Saturday and Govardhan, do you remember Wednesday? —Govardhan on Saturday and Harshavardhanbabu on Wednesday. Harshvardhanbabu Wednesday ... Govardhan Saturday ... You Wednesday ... You Saturday ... You Saturday ... You Wednesday ... Saturday Wednesday ... Wednesday Saturday ... Wednesday Wednesday ... Saturday Saturday ... '

‘What’s the matter? Harshavardhana is shocked.— ‘I don’t understand anything.’

"It simply came to our notice then. I don't want to be between the two of you anymore. '

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