Another name for water is life

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3 years ago

Since waterSince water is one of the most important elements for all life, it is also called life. Water that is not safe for any use is called contaminated water.

Contaminated water is dangerous for parts from the toenails to the scalp. It can be contaminated in many ways. Rainwater and floods have washed away chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides sprayed on crop lands. Eventually, this mixed water re-mixes with the water of ponds, rivers and canals and takes the form of pollution.

Factories and people waste waterMills and people pollute the water by throwing waste into the water.

People living on the banks of rivers and canals build toilets and sewers along the rivers and pollute the water there.

For the above reasons Water contaminated by the above factors is a threat to our very existence, because people get infected with various deadly diseases by drinking such contaminated water.

If we are dealing with contaminated water If we were not aware of the problem of contaminated water, Soon people all over the world will become one patient.

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