How to Define your blog's purpose

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1. Define your blog’s purpose

2. Create your domain name

3. Select the best blogging platform

4. Use the best hosting plan

5. How to set up your hosting plan

6. How to Install WordPress for beginners

7. Quick WordPress tutorial for new bloggers

8. Success Milestones.

1: Define your Blog’s purpose

There’s no success story without a purpose ; success doesn’t get happen without any plan or purpose except you are the spiritual-miracle-depending-not-putting-in-hard-work type. What you don’t plan for you don’t achieve. That’s the strict basis of achievement.

It’s a good thing to have a purpose for your blog at this early stage because it puts you on the right track.

Ask yourself these three main questions to get the true purpose of your old or new blog.

Why does my blog exist?

Why am I starting a blog?

What would be blogging about?

What do I want to achieve with a blog?

Why does my blog exist?

This is similar to why am I starting a blog , but I prefer why does my blog exist because it gives you that sense of importance.

You need to have a solid foundation where serves as your backbone to why your blog exists because when you start a blog without any solid foundation or backbone, several months into blogging and especially during the hard trying months you start questioning yourself asking questions like “why am I blogging or why did I start blogging? All these questions came as a result of lack of proper blogging foundation or backbone.

Your solid foundation or backbone can be the main reason your log exist, and it can be;

To make money online

To help others by sharing your knowledge, experience or resource

To promote a business or multiple businesses

To do some shady, illegal or whitehat activities

Realistic Example/Experience

Let say you choose to make money online.

This becomes your main purpose or reason your blog exist because everything you do will revolve around making money because you would use engaged in money making blog monetization programmes like Google Adsense , Affiliate marketing, of course, you would have an advertise with us page to drive home the fact that your blog is a business. Not an ordinary business but a profitable business.

You can combine two foundations like make money + helping others or anything else. The combinations are endless but keep in mind that you only do the things you know you are capable of doing so you don’t burn yourself out and end up posting low-quality content derived from copy and paste.

Personally, I recommend combining make money online + helping others with the experience you have in any particular field because when you solve the problem of others, they would also solve your problems which means more income for you either by purchasing what you are selling or by helping out with Adsense income.

Why am I starting a blog?

Now, these are the numerous reasons you have in your mind driving you to start a blog. These reasons can be the desires you have, the dreams you envisioned for yourself, you feel blogging can cater to your wants and needs.

Frankly, it can be anything under the sun but let me list some common reasons below;

To make passive income on the side while I work a full-time 9-5 job

To earn a full-time salary

To create a personal lifestyle blog

To showcase your creative products or way of life

To keep yourself busy and engaged

What would you blog about?

What would you write about on your blog? When you ask this question, you get shallow answers and because these answers are so fickle, cheap and without purpose, they would end up participating in the failure of the blog.

This question is asking you what content would be seen on your blog and these blog contents can vary depending on you. You can choose the write blog posts, post only videos which turn your blog into a vlog or turn it into a download site the possibilities are endless.

Content is KING. So make sure the content going to be featured on your blog is top-notch, of high noble birth and quality and how do you achieve this?

By centering your blog around an area you have more knowledge than others, you don’t have to be an expert in the field before you can start a successful blog, you need to be one step ahead of your readers.

Don’t be in a hurry to publish low quality 300 words blog posts every day instead take your time to do proper related research and write high-quality blog posts with a minimum of 1000 words per blog posts for beginners.

Intermediate level bloggers should be looking to write and post more than 2000 words per article while the veterans, we all know the veterans because of their high domain authority, traffic, popularity, insanely high-income reports and reputation they usually post more than 3,000 – 5,000 words per article.

Writing long ass meaningful blog post is easy you need to have your head in the game.

Focus on the keyword, take your time, takes breaks, divide your blog post into parts and headings which means you can write about each title at different times which means you are giving your all to every heading in your article resulting in a robust, well-rounded, juicy blog post.

What do I want to achieve with a blog?

These are both short and long-term goals for starting a blog and with these goals, you can create a milestone to measure if your blog is a successful blog.

But don’t put yourself in a straight jacket by setting fixed unrealistic goals that end up choking the life out of you causing frustration and leading to the death of your blog.

You need to set mild goals; monthly goals are the best. I remember how for two years I didn’t have a blogging purpose or plan or goals; I was a gung-ho blogger who writes when he gets inspiration or learns about a new tool or software and also want my readers to benefit from that tool or software.

I had no monthly plans, budgets, goals – Nothing! But in 2018 January to be precise, I have an idea, I have a budget, I have invested in my blog, I have monthly goals.

I would also be sharing my experience, and monthly income reports to show the little I have made after been a non-profit blogger for more than two years now my blog is a successful blog and I am here to share my experience with you.

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Very good article! Personally, I think writing blog in medium length is the easiest for the readers to finish reading, say 100 - 200 words.

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